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How Infineum Scaled Digital Events to Global Audiences – And Saw Record Attendance

July 26th, 2022 Andrea Bartman

Audiences love digital events. In fact, according to our recent report, “The Digital Engagement Gap,” roughly 67% of virtual event attendees say they have attended more than four to six events within the past six months.

It’s easy to see why. Digital events eliminate common face-to-face event issues like participant capacity, geographical restrictions, and — thanks to on-demand availability — even time.

But an event intended for global audiences requires different planning and content than an event in a single country. A company that’s a good “globalizer” caters to its international audience by ensuring the event is equally impactful for all participants, regardless of where they’re located.

Global marketers and event planners consider whether the event needs subtitles, live airings in different time zones, on-demand viewing options, translated resources and content. They also search for knowledgeable presenters from global regions that can speak to local audiences.

As a UK-based company operating throughout Europe, North and South America and Asia, Infineum won the ON24 Experience’s Globalization Award by delivering a digital experience that engaged, connected and converted on a global scale. Here’s why.

The Problem: Reaching More Audiences Across the Globe When No One Can Travel

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Before COVID-19, Infineum held face-to-face events where stakeholders could connect and stay informed on transportation industry trends and challenges. At these events, Infineum nurtured audience interactivity through thought leadership discussions with key opinion leaders, Q&A sessions and more. The purpose? To show its ability to explore, develop and promote the green solutions the transportation industry needs.

However, in a post-COVID-19 world, Infineum faced one major hurdle: scaling its message to a global audience sans any in-person, face-to-face meetings.

How Webinars Helped Infineum Scale Reach Globally

By switching to digital experiences, Infineum eliminated travel barriers and event capacity restrictions. This allowed the company to invite a broader audience including indirect customers, distributors and suppliers. The company also has access to a wider group of presenters and offered the event on-demand following the live presentation so participants in different time zones could access the content.

How Infineum Prepared Its Events

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Infineum used a combination of live and pre-recorded content to offer a polished final product. Through this one-two combination, Infineum simplified the run of its event, making it easy to customize and brand the experience, cutting down on technical issues and ensuring its four presenters gave the best presentations possible.

To make each event as engaging as possible for its audience, Infineum made good use of ON24 engagement tools. For each presentation, the company used tools like:

    • Polls
    • Surveys
    • Resource list
    • Q&A
    • Speaker bios
    • Call-to-action button
    • Hidden button with the latest Sustainability Report

Using a hidden button, Infineum embedded a powerful call-to-action directly into its webinar console. Hidden buttons intrigue event participants and make for a more seamless experience.

To support a global audience, Infineum offered downloadable resources in four languages and slide deck content focused on Asia Pacific countries. As a digital event, the company included presenters from different geographical regions, allowing them to share different perspectives and experiences.


Infineum’s Results 

A webinerd and her community dancing happily in a virtual circle

Infineum’s globalized event strategy was a success. The company attracted a wider, global audience and, consequently, saw record attendance numbers.

On the audience side, stakeholders and event participants benefited from increased accessibility to the company’s subject matter experts and opinion leaders. During the event, participants could provide feedback, ask questions and casually start conversations with company representatives.

Finally, with polls and surveys throughout its events, Infineum could easily collect participant feedback and identify new topics and themes for future events.