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Life Sciences

Innovate your HCP and patient engagement

Educate HCPs and patients, inform the field force’s next best action and grow your influence on prescribing behavior while supporting compliance with engaging virtual speaker programs, KOL webinars, digital advisory boards, brand resource portals and more.

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Evolve your commercial model for today’s hybrid world

As HCPs grow increasingly digitally-savvy, 1 in 3 say they are not happy with the customer experience they get from biopharma companies.

Disrupt the status quo …

  • HCP in-person availability is declining 
  • Your content and campaigns are not breaking through
  • Compliance is barrier to executing with speed and scale
  • You can’t track and report on HCP and patient engagement 
  • It’s impossible to scale personalization across digital channels
  • Your budget and headcount are limited

By transforming the HCP experience

  • Augment the field force with virtual events, webinars and meetings
  • Create standout, KOL-led experiences that provide value
  • Develop modular, templatized content for streamlined approvals
  • Capture all HCP behavior and feed it into business systems
  • Dynamically deliver personalized content and messages
  • Automate processes and enable content repurposing

Create content and deliver events, all from one platform

Grow your HCP interactions and insights by over 26%* year-over-year with an  omnichannel engagement strategy powered by ON24.  

*Based on the ON24 2022 Digital Engagement Benchmarks Report for Life Sciences

Improve HCP access

Create live, simulive, on-demand or hybrid webinar, virtual event and content hub experiences that provide multiple ways for HCPs to engage and gives you the flexibility to standardize and consolidate operations across the globe.

Boost brand awareness

Use drag-and-drop tools, event templates and a library of 20+ engagement and conversion tools to easily customize and tailor your webinars, virtual events and content experiences to increase brand impressions and drive HCP interactions.

Accelerate speed-to-market

Set up pre-approved templates, pre-record presentations and leverage generative AI to accelerate campaign execution, automate content creation, support local translation into 20+ languages and support compliance across regions.

Deepen HCP insights

Capture every HCP interaction – questions asked, polls answered, calls-to-actions clicked – across webinars, virtual events and content hubs to enable the field force to take the next best action and orchestrate omnichannel customer experiences.

Align global teams

Seamlessly pass all event and engagement data to Veeva, Salesforce and other CRM and MAP systems to enrich HCP profiles. Run centers of excellence and enable affiliate, brand and field force requests from Veeva with automated event creation.

Personalize at scale

Create HCP segments by practice area, adoption level and more to dynamically deliver unique messaging, calls-to-action and content recommendations at scale, without needing more resources, for greater HCP trust, satisfaction and adoption.

Maximize your ROI with the platform leading life sciences brands trust

Engage across the HCP and patient journey

From speaker programs to symposiums, deliver a consistent and connected customer experience with a single platform for your webinars, virtual events and content hubs.

KOL webinars & speaker programs

Peer-to-peer advisory boards

Brand & disease resource portals

Personalized communications

Virtual congresses

Symposiums and trade shows

How the ON24 platform works

No matter the type of experience you create, ON24 captures your audience engagement data and feeds those insights through a single integration, centralizing analytics and unifying teams to take the next best action.

Create engaging experiences

Build virtual events and content in multiple formats for different audiences – whether a 1:many brand-hosted event or 1:few field-led meeting.

Generate data-driven insights

Capture all audience behavior and understand lifetime engagement at the experience, account and individual level.

Take immediate action

Integrate engagement data across MAP, CRM and other business systems to enable more intelligent sales and marketing actions.

"With ON24, we’ve become more digital and reach millions of people we would have otherwise never been able to reach."


Jim Spliman Information Consultant

Make ON24 your competitive advantage

Elevate your operations

Make ON24 the backbone of your global events organization with an enterprise platform that’s built for service-desk-scale with the automated workflows, reliability, security and compliance you need to run hundreds and thousands of events.

Extend your team’s resources

Add ON24 global customer success, services and support to your team and gain decades of expertise with on-demand and dedicated resources to help you plan, manage, produce and deliver your webinars, virtual events and content hubs.

Enable your field force

Integrate ON24 directly with your Veeva CRM system and within the field’s Veeva timeline to provide commercial and medical affairs teams with an understanding of HCP preferences and potential prescribing behavior.

Get started

 From virtual speaker programs to brand resource portals, deliver engaging, omnichannel HCP and patient experiences with the ON24 platform.

Contact us and an ON24 expert will be in touch to share:

  • How you can easily create, scale, and personalize engaging, data-driven digital events and content using the ON24 platform
  • Ways to leverage first-party data from every HCP interaction across experiences to enable the next best action
  • How to measure the performance and business impact of your digital engagement programs
  • New ON24 roadmap updates that will help you drive continuous sales and marketing innovation to maximize ROI and revenue growth

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