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Virtual conferences

Boost audience engagement during virtual conferences

Localize global virtual conferences and capture rich audience engagement insights through networking, gamification and immersive event sessions.

Scale audience reach

Translate the entire virtual conference including navigation menus, backgrounds, videos, images, system messages and real-time chat sessions into more than 20 languages for global audiences.

Maximize engagement

Engage and motivate attendees by delivering personalized engagement and content based on role; leverage 20+ conversion and engagement tools to drive participation.

Build community and networking

Design audience engagement opportunities between peers, subject matter experts, or sales representatives through moderated forums, peer-to-peer meetings and 1:1 networking.

Capture actionable insights

Identify leads and trigger follow-ups with first-party data from your virtual conference engagement including registration, location, curriculums, leaderboards and more.

Create immersive experiences

Execute engaging conferences with ease, ensuring seamless production, day-of execution and performance monitoring.

  • Branded conference environment

    Enable sponsors to drive engagement with customizable booths and allow audiences to experience your brand at every corner.

  • Scale production

    Produce your content in advance, ensure speakers have a successful presentation and manage the engagement tools.

  • Design for engagement

    Customize networking lounges, leaderboards and games with branded logos, image transparency, background and more.​

  • Drive registration

    Deliver targeted communications with a fully branded email series for confirmations, reminders, follow-ups and no-shows.

  • Regional localization

    Easily scale programs globally with 34+ languages in webinar sessions and translate the entire virtual conference into 20+ languages.

  • Track audience conversion

    Understand first-party data insights with customizable dashboards and charts, and securely share reports with stakeholders.

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