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Are You Using the Right CTAs on Your Webinars?

June 11th, 2020 Cheri Hulse

Nothing is worse than a mistimed call to action. I was recently on an auto dealership website and right as I arrived, before I even navigated toward the model I was researching, I was prompted with a chatbot about if I was ready to buy now.

Umm… no. (Side note — I’m a bit of a car snob and it is breaking my heart at the thought of trading in my six-speed MINI Cooper for a more family-friendly SUV.)

Aside from all that, at its core introducing a chatbot to push a deal is a misunderstanding of the buyer’s journey. A car is a considered purchase, even if it is a consumer decision. As a first time visitor to the site, this prompt was out of left field at best.

And all of this led me to think about how webinars often don’t have the appropriate CTAs based on the messaging and their intended audience. Think back to your most recent webinars, did you use appropriate CTAs? Sure it is great to ask if someone wants a demo at the end of the webinar, but could your CTA conversion rates not be high enough because the audience for that webinar is actually at a stage where they are seeking other information?

Now the first step before any of this is to ensure your webinars are aligned in messaging and content to the buyer’s journey. A full series of posts could be dedicated to that, but today we’re focusing on how the CTAs apply. I’ve included two examples per buyer’s journey stage:

It is critical that, as you develop your digital experience strategies, you don’t leave your audiences with a dead-end at the end of an event. By using this table, you’re taking the first step to keeping audiences engaged and allowing them to self-select into appropriate next steps.