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How Humana Turned 64% of Webinar Attendees into Repeat Visitors

August 2nd, 2022 Andrea Bartman

Marketers create content. A lot of content. So much that we don’t even remember all the stuff we’ve created — making it difficult to serve up the right assets to our audiences at the right time. Which is why a content hub is so important.

But marketers need more than a simple hub that encourages content consumption. Marketers need data, insights and knowledge of what audience actually want so they can create more content that will retain customers and accelerate prospects through the marketing funnel.

ON24 Engagement Hub, does both. For example, Humana, the winner of our Content Experience Award at the ON24 Experience, created a hub that kept customers abreast of new trends and gave its marketing and sales teams invaluable insights into their audiences.

Read on to learn how Humana created an Engagement Hub experience for the ages.

The Problem: Scattered Content and Missed Opportunities

Webinerd looks out for hazards

As a health insurance company, Humana always seeks to provide the best and latest health care information possible. During the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, information about the virus changed quickly. Humana needed to update its current clients on the pandemic’s impact on the latest procedures, policies, rules and regulations.

As COVID-19 progressed and more information accumulated, Humana realized they didn’t have a single, consolidated place to direct employers for the latest time-sensitive information.

Information was and scattered around various places on the company’s website. This made it hard to stay up to date with the latest information or find specific content.

With critical information dispersed, Humana had difficulty getting content in front of visitors, tracking content performance and gaining valuable insights through first-party data.

How Humana Enhanced Content With A Content Hub

To solve these problems, Humana needed a single, central content destination for its digital assets. A central resource hub would make it easy for audiences to access the latest information while helping Humana to measure and analyze its content’s success.

With its flexible design and advanced analytics, Engagement Hub provided Humana with a powerful solution.

Humana created and stocked its resource center with highly relevant, time-sensitive content for employers. Its customers could easily access pandemic-related information, industry trends and on single, easy-to-access page.

The result is a digital experience that delivers consistent, fully-branded assets that encourage audience content consumption.

How Humana’s Content Hub Gets Customers to Say “Yes”

Engagement Hub makes it easier for customers to say “yes” to more content. That’s because Engagement Hub’s powerful search and filter features make it easy for audiences to find the content they need.

For Humana, sharing the latest updates, protocols and impacts of COVID-19 with customers was essential. Content had to be timely, relevant and discoverable.

With Humana’s employer resource page in place — complete with the ability to filter and organize content — the company could easily highlight the latest COVID-19 updates on the front page while still offering additional content on other trends and topics.

How Engagement Hub Gives Humana Valuable Insights

With Humana’s Engagement Hub, customers can search for content by keywords or narrow content results by topic or content type, like on-demand webinars, COVID-19, leading the workplace, helpful tips and articles and healthcare trends.

This filterability is helpful to Humana’s customers, but it also helps the company understand what topics customers want and what sort of content formats drives the most valuable engagement.

On Engagement Hub’s backend, the company can evaluate the success and performance of the content it produces. And, with powerful integrations into Humana’s CRM, sales representatives have the context they need to continue conversations with customers and help provide them with a solution that fits their needs.

The Results Humana’s Seen with Its Content Hub 

Since its launch in 2021, Humana’s content hub has shown great results and engagement. So far, it’s seen:

    • More than 64,000 unique users to its hub
    • More than 10,500 events attended
    • A 65% participation rate with its target market
    • A 61% average registrant-to-attendee conversion rate

Specific to webinars, 60% of participants are recurring attendees who are either current customers or agents with high quoting volume or sales activity. Humana often surveys webinar participants to gauge their satisfaction with the webinar programs and to solicit feedback on topics. Ninety-five percent of all survey respondents were satisfied with the company’s webinar content and found it relevant to their business.

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