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Getting More Out of the ON24 Prospect Engagement Profile

February 18th, 2022 Michael Mayday

When it comes to B2B marketing today, engagement accounts for a lot. Engagement helps measure content and messaging success and helps suss out quality leads and prospects from those needing more nurturing.

But how can you consistently measure customer and prospect engagement and alert your sales team to account activity? At ON24, we’ve created the Prospect Engagement Profile for this exact reason.

Let’s take a look at it now.

What Does the ON24 Prospect Engagement Profile Do?

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The Prospect Engagement Profile provides you and your team with a global view of a prospect or customer’s lifetime engagement with content hosted on ON24’s solutions.

So, if a visitor interacts with an ON24 Target experience, browses your ON24 Engagement Hub or attends a webinar hosted by ON24 Webcast Elite, you’ll be able to see how they’ve engaged they are with your content.

Just as important, this feature can integrate into your tech stack, from CRMs to MAPs.

What Does the ON24 Prospect Engagement Profile Measure?

An example of the ON24 prospect engagement profile.

The Prospect Engagement Profile shows you how engaged a prospect is and how much time that prospect has spent viewing your content. It also provides you with insights into:

    • Recent engagement level
    • Total engagement hours
    • Touches
    • Content journey
    • Business interests

And a lot more. Equipped with this data, both marketing and sales teams can understand lead activity and interest and effectively accelerate the buyer’s journey.

Why Would I Want to Use the Prospect Engagement Profile?

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Let’s say an attendee or prospect spent an hour watching your webinar. And, let’s also say they spent time answering polls and downloading resources and event turned an Engagement Hub or Target experience to consume more of your content.

To Personalize Experiences

The ON24 Prospect Engagement Profile provides you with insights into how that account interacted with your content and how engaged they are with your business. With this in-depth data, you can truly optimize programs and personalize an account’s experience with your business.

To Accelerate Deals

Other Prospect Engagement Profile features provide you and your sales team with actionable insights. For example, Recommended Content, provides you with suggestions on more content that might interest the lead in question. Sales reps can also easily select and email that content directly to the contact.

To Keep Sales Informed

Additionally, integrating ON24 with other tools, like Salesforce, embed data from a prospect profile right in contact and lead records. Sales reps can view engagement activity without ever needing to leave Salesforce, remaining informed and experiencing meaningful conversations with prospects and customers.

Learn more

The Prospect Engagement Profile is a powerful tool that can make a marketer’s life much easier. To learn more about this feature, check out ON24 Intelligence or book a demo today.