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How The Home Depot Boosted Digital Workshop Attendance By 62%, Drove Customer Satisfaction

September 1st, 2022

Marketers are tasked with one goal: building pipeline that converts into sales. To realize this goal, we often craft a lot of content designed to engage audiences and build relationships that turn prospects into customers.

As the ON24 Experience’s Customer Satisfaction Award winner, The Home Depot found new ways to build relationships in the digital world by creating engaging experiences that helped educate customers and drive customer satisfaction.

In fact, with its digital efforts, The Home Depot:

    • Increased registration by 62%
    • Increased attendance by 28%
    • Scored 97% in virtual workshop satisfaction
    • Received feedback that 99% of workshop attendees plan to attend future workshops

Read on to see how The Home Depot changed its DIY Workshops to engage more customers and increase revenue.

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The Home Depot’s Customer Workshops

The Home Depot provides customers with the products and tools they need to make home renovations possible. To support its amature clients, the company held face-to-face DIY workshops in stores twice a month. Space for these events were limited to a small group of participants based on the size of the workshop space.

But when the COVID-19 pandemic limited face-to-face gatherings, the company switched to live and simulive digital workshops to continue guiding customers through DIY and home improvement projects. The switch to digital allowed The Home Depot to expand its workshop program.

How The Home Depot Set Up Its Online Workshops

With ON24 Engagement Hub and ON24 Webcast Elite, The Home Depot organized online workshops and built a content library of 30 different topics for DIYers to peruse. And, with the use of live and simulive webinars, The Home Depot could easily expand on its educational initiative by adding more topics and more workshops available at more times each day.

Compared to its in-person events, The Home Depot’s webinars attracted a much larger number of participants. Its digital-first approach also helped the hardware retailer standardize its DIY workshop experience through pre-recorded lessons.


By using the power of the ON24 platform, The Home Depot built a better, more engaging experience that customers could interact with on their own terms. For example, customers can ask Customer Training Managers questions directly without attending a live session or in-person workshop.

The company is also rapidly publishing new lessons and topics, with roughly 50 to 60 workshop topics produced per month. To organize all of this and help customers find the information they need, The Home Depot uses Engagement Hub.

Using Engagement Hub as a content library, The Home Depot provides its visitors with a single resource for self-education. These hubs also allow customers to quickly browse existing content and register for any workshops they’d like to attend.

The Home Depot’s Results

Webinerd social media

The Home Depot’s digital engagement strategy and online DIY workshop series are a big success.

ON24 easily integrates with the company’s numerous marketing and sales technology programs, which helps the company identify and compare customers’ spending habits who do and do not attend workshops. The result of its analysis? Its workshops nurtured loyal customers that spent more in-store when compared to customers who didn’t attend DIY events. The team could see a direct return on investment.

Since implementing ON24, The Home Depot:

    • Produced nearly 600 customer workshops
    • Increased registration by 62%
    • Increased attendance by 28%
    • Received feedback that 97% of workshop attendees were satisfied or extremely satisfied with their workshop experience
    • Received feedback that 99% of workshop attendees plan to attend future workshops

Post-event surveys, an ON24 feature, help The Home Depot better understand its customers and gauge satisfaction. The team uses this feedback to adjust their content, monitor common themes and plan future workshop topics that address customer interest.

The Home Depot’s team continues to see registration and attendance increase even as they add new topics and provide more ways to watch through formats like simulive and on-demand options.

Watch the ON24 Experience On Demand.

As a result of the digital workshop success, the company is expanding its online workshop offerings with an additional series for homeowners. This new series features tips on home maintenance and preparation for seasonal events hurricanes, storms, fire and travel.

The Home Depot is also producing a workshop series for children called “Science Fair Central.” On this site, jointly produced with Discovery Education, students and teachers can participate in workshops that teach attendees safe tool usage and how build simple crafts and toys. Additionally, to take things even further, The Home Depot is partnering with Discovery Education to inspire students and teachers with ideas for science fairs and STEAM projects.

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