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Are your webinars stuck in the past?

By continuing to repeat the same old B2B marketing tactics, we hold our results back from moving forward.

Read on for the 6-step blueprint to change how you engage, and get ready to take your prospects and customers – and your webinars – into the future.

Follow these 6 steps to change how you engage

Step 1

Refocus your goals on quality versus quantity

To do more with less, we have to rethink our metrics for success. Stop counting attendees and start measuring the total business impact of your webinars by understanding the level of audience engagement, finding the most qualified leads and tracking their conversion to pipeline. When you switch your targets from activities completed to the results you return, you can refocus your efforts on more meaningful marketing.

Learn how you can set metrics that matter

Calculate your potential pipeline impact

Step 2

Go from cold leads to immediate conversations

Hope is not a strategy for revenue growth. Help sellers get to know your digital buyers before they’ve met by unlocking the treasure trove of data within your webinar channel. Capture every customer and prospect interaction, immediately deliver those insights across the business and build a playbook for sales and marketing to action.

Build your post-webinar playbook

Step 3

Turn generic events into personalized experiences

Differentiation is how you can break through the digital noise. Make a significant impact on your experience and your results by personalizing for the audiences most important to your business. Engage different audience segments with unique calls-to-action, content and surveys, all from the same webinar, to uplift your conversion rates and performance.

See how you can scale personalization

Give your sales and marketing an AI advantage

Attendance increased by 50%

“The webinars themselves have been one of the top three performing activities that we do across our entire marketing organization. The engagement analytics give our SDR team the ammunition they need to go and have strategic conversations, and gets them excited knowing they have engaged and interacted with us.” 

Brandy Rowden, Director, Demand Generation ServiceNow

92% increase in webinar-attributed revenue

“Switching from an in-person to a digital-first engagement strategy with ON24 has saved us months of manual work and hundreds of thousands of dollars in event set-up. We’ve also been able to amplify the reach of our content, leading to over 58 million dollars in revenue for our business.”

Gene Lanzoni, Vice President, Enterprise Content Marketing at Guardian

Pipeline increased by $2.3 million

“Our ON24 and Salesforce Pardot integration works really, really well, together and we definitely rely on that across all our webinar and digital engagement strategies to save time, trigger sales action, and have a single source of truth.”

Sophie Neate, Global Digital Marketing and Content Manager, Electrification Service Division, ABB

Months of work saved

“By leveraging integrations and automations with ON24, we have achieved significant results through saving months of manual work we can give back to strategy and improving our program.”

Allison Hale, Senior Marketing Specialist, RSM US LLP

80% faster lead follow-up

“We saw a 12X ROI on pipeline within 6 months. Lead follow-up and meeting conversion rates were accelerated by 80%, shortening sales cycles by 10%. This was all thanks to ON24.”

Iris Chan, Head of Demand and Growth APAC, Autodesk

4X increase in program scale

“Literally everything — event consoles, engagement and conversion tools, polls and additional resources — is customizable and easy to navigate.”

Mara Lopez-Sandoval, Federal Programs Marketing Specialist UnitedHealthcare

Step 4

Put an end to dead-ends and drive continuous engagement

Audiences expect answers anytime, anywhere. Meet and exceed their expectations by delivering a journey of experiences – live, hybrid, or on-demand – that remain interactive, stay interconnected and keep driving qualified leads even after the event ends. This is webinar engagement that’s always on, 24/7, generating more insights and results, even while you sleep.

Discover best practices to reinvent events

Step 5

Repurpose webinars to rev up your content engine

Today’s buyers need nearly 60% more touchpoints to make a decision – which means that marketers have a LOT more content to create. Offset this burden by using AI to automatically turn each of your webinars into new videos and written assets – 10Xing your content creation with the same effort to easily produce integrated, multichannel campaigns. Let’s work smarter, not harder.

Explore new ways to accelerate your content creation

Step 6

Don’t fear AI, start innovating today

IDC predicts that AI will increase sales and marketing team productivity more than 40% over the next 5 years. Don’t get left behind your competition – begin your AI journey by making small changes within the marketing technologies, channels and processes you already have in place. With a test-and-learn mindset, and endless opportunities for AI to increase results and improve efficiencies, the only mistake you can make is NOT to change.

Plan your roadmap for AI innovation

Change your results with ON24

Speak with an ON24 expert today to learn how you can:

  • Stand out: Captivate your audience by creating branded, interactive webinar experiences that scale across the globe.
  • Save time: Increase your impact by turning events into written and video content with generative AI.
  • Get smarter: Measure and report your success with comprehensive analytics on every event and attendee.
  • Move faster: Streamline and accelerate your follow-up through real-time integrations with CRM and MAP systems.
  • Simplify steps: Manage all your event workflows and operations in one platform with 24/7 global support.

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