Optimizing Engagement: How to Maximize Results Across the Campaign Lifecycle with AI

In a Salesforce survey of over 1,000 marketers from across the globe, it’s estimated that generative AI can save over five hours of work per week — the equivalent of over a month per year.

So how can you use AI to boost your marketing productivity?

Download this ebook to learn how you can use AI at every step of the marketing campaign lifecycle – from planning to execution to measurement. You’ll get practical tips and take-aways that include:

    • How to use AI to assist with more intelligent account and audience targeting
    • Steps for crafting a better prompts to enhance your promotional copy and content creation
    • Opportunities to offload repetitive tasks to gen AI tools
    • Ways gen AI can help scale more personalized experiences and messaging
    • Best practices for using gen AI to repurpose content and turn single webinars into integrated campaigns

Get ready to revolutionize your marketing and maximize your results with gen AI – download now!

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