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Three Ways Generative AI Can Power Webinar Promotion and Targeting

January 12th, 2024 Andrew Warren-Payne

Any webinar marketing campaign can get a leg up in event promotion and content production with generative AI tools. With AI, marketers can quickly and efficiently produce content that enhances their audience targeting and segmentation efforts and scaling content production overall. 

Optimizing Engagement: How to Maximize Results Across the Campaign Lifecycle with AI


All it takes is a little bit of planning. Read on to discover three ways artificial intelligence can power your webinar promotion and targeting efforts.

Account and audience targeting 

Identifying and converting target audiences is one of the most difficult parts of webinar marketing. In fact, according to ON24 research, 43% of respondents found driving registration is the top challenge for their webinar marketing teams.

AI can support these teams in a few key ways. With AI, you can enhance:

    • Account prioritization and audience targeting
    • Identify key cohorts within a marketing database 
    • Promote content specific to a buyer

Opportunities for AI with account and audience targeting

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Marketers have a lot of opportunities to use AI to enhance their account and audience targeting efforts. Let’s take a look at three ways now.

Account and audience look-alikes

AI-powered tools can use your first-party data to identify the attributes associated with buyers who have become your customers. Lookalike segments can then be created to target buyers with similar attributes that are both known (i.e. are already contacts within your CRM or marketing automation platform) and currently unknown (i.e. buyers at relevant accounts yet to become contacts). 

You can then use tools that integrate with ABM platforms such as ON24 Segment Builder with 6Sense to run highly-targeted campaigns to likely-to-convert buyers.

Buying intent based on behaviors leading to closed-won opportunities

Today’s marketing and sales technology collects a massive amount of first-party behavioral data as buyers engage with content and experiences. AI can analyze this first-party data to identify the actions that indicate a buyer is ready to make a purchase — allowing your sales team to approach the right buyers at exactly the right time or to trigger actions via CRM and marketing automation integrations.

Keyword research to determine content that resonates within key accounts

You might know the content that attracts the most engagement but not exactly why or how. AI tools like those within ON24 Intelligence offer the potential to do this hard work for you, enabling you to create and promote further high-performing content with the keywords that matter.

Be aware that AI isn’t a monolith. Any AI you use will need quality data to drive insights. Make sure your marketing team tracks: 

    • Demographic 
    • Firmographic 
    • Technographic 
    • Third-Party Intent
    • First-Party Party Account Intent  
    • Engagement data from previous events

These data must be accurate, structured and mapped consistently across all platforms and tools. 

Promotional content creation and ideation

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Once a target audience is identified, content marketers can use AI to come up with ideas, brainstorm promotional copy and identify topics, industry trends and pain points affecting the audience they’re pursuing. 

And, because generative AI can help produce a lot of content fast, marketers can use AI’s ability to scale to run A/B tests.

But AI can do more than draft copy. It can also help content marketers create new types of promotional content as well. With AI-driven video tools, marketers can select key moments from previous webinars to rapidly create promotional videos and teasers to follow up with leads or advertise this new webinar across various channels like social media and others. 

Leveraging multimedia content can be particularly powerful when you are promoting a webinar series where you are not only driving promotions for one episode but also driving awareness and subscribers for the entire series.

Generative AI in action: SmartText

ON24 SmartText is an embedded tool that can automatically generate webinar titles, abstracts and emails based on a few simple prompts. With some basic information about an upcoming experience, audience, and the event’s value proposition, SmartText can produce promotional copy with the click of a button. You can also re-generate new options to A/B test and ideate fresh angles to optimize your event promotions.

Using AI to enhance webinar presentations

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When it comes to actually building a webinar presentation, generative AI can help marketers build outlines and enhance scripts. All it takes is an event abstract and an AI tool. 

With a generative AI, you can ask for suggestions on a presentation outline and specific topics that a target audience would want to hear about. Then the AI should provide you with a reasonable presentation flow. You can push AI further by asking it for scripted talking points and specific content in the body of the presentation. Presenters can even use generative AI to explore conversation ideas that apply to specific audience segments. 

Practice your AI prompts

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Whether you are a marketer, events organizer, or any other kind of professional, you’ll know that providing the right brief is essential to getting the right output from a service provider. The same applies to Generative AI solutions that use text as the input.

Make sure to use clear and detailed descriptions when using such AI technology. For tips on creating great AI prompts, check out this e-book.

Stay on top of the AI marketing trends

Targeting audiences, producing content and preparing presentations demands a lot of resources and a lot of time. While generative AI won’t wholly eliminate those demands, it can help ease the burden on content and webinar marketers. 

Check out this webinar to learn more about how ON24 can help you scale your marketing activities with advanced AI. 

Optimizing Engagement: How to Maximize Results Across the Campaign Lifecycle with AI