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ON24 Integration with HubSpot Helps Maximize Event ROI

December 8th, 2021 ON24

Webinars and virtual events are how companies engage with audiences in today’s digital-first environment. In fact, according to ON24 research, the growth in companies investing in online experiences has accelerated over the past two years, resulting in 99% of marketers claiming that webinars are “key” to business plans in 2021.

Not only that, but the use of webinars has tripled in 2021, with 9 in 10 teams claiming that webinars are the best digital channel to generate qualified leads.

The ON24 Platform gives organizations the tools they need to create highly-engaging webinars, virtual events, hybrid events and digital experiences that drive business growth. With these digital tools, businesses can scale engagement, nurture conversions, grow pipeline and drive revenue.

To help busy marketers make the most out of ON24, we have an integration available between ON24 and the HubSpot CRM.

The ON24 integration with HubSpot enables CRM users to further enrich lead data and update contacts based on real-time event registration and attendee activities. Combining event data with the power of the HubSpot CRM can increase engagement levels, improve the attendee experience, and optimize marketing and sales workflows.

ON24 products that transfer data to the HubSpot CRM include:

Here is how marketing teams, sales teams, and event teams can use ON24 with the HubSpot CRM and marketing platforms to create engaging experiences and keep event operations running smoothly.

Boost Engagement and Accelerate Sales Conversations With ON24’s Integration with HubSpot

Webinerd in a green jacket adjusts data to reduce churn for her company.

According to our 2021 ON24 Webinar Benchmarks Report, webinars are a leading tool for marketing teams intent on generating and converting high-quality leads at a lower cost-per-acquisition, with:

    • 72% of marketers say webinars have a significant impact on pipeline and company revenue
    • 66% of sales teams specifically seek out leads from webinars
    • Conversion rates for live experiences like webinars exceeding 60%

Webinars in themselves are effective, but can require manual efforts to maintain communication leading up to and following events, understanding which attendees were the most engaged and identifying the right contacts for future events.

When marketing and sales teams use webinars as more than just events, but as opportunities to gather data and insights and connect in real-time with qualified prospects, they can increase the value of each event produced.

More benefits of using the ON24 integration with HubSpot to create engaging webinars and events to drive engagement include:

    • The ability to segment contacts in HubSpot based on their ON24 event activity
    • Access to registration data in HubSpot to create lists, set workflow triggers, and update scoring criteria
    • Live tracking of attendees during the event journey from first contact to event follow-up
    • Automatic updates to HubSpot contact records with their latest activity and event registration data
    • The creation of marketing event records shared between HubSpot and ON24 for a consistent view of all event activity, and a unified customer experience

Three Ways to Use the ON24 Integration with HubSpot to Drive Event Engagement

Webinerd Team

Cloud-based platforms like ON24 include all the tools needed to create, scale and personalize virtual experiences for attendees. But supporting event workflows is complex. Integrations like the one between ON24 and HubSpot CRM can both lighten the load on internal teams and ease manual tasks like uploading and downloading data while providing more insights to guide marketing and sales workflows.

Here are three ways that sales teams, marketing teams, and event teams can use the ON24 integration with HubSpot to increase engagement at every stage of the event journey.

1. Power Sales Enablement

The ON24 integration with HubSpot captures new contacts generated by ON24 events within the HubSpot CRM. Using this event data, marketing and sales can better understand why some attendees are registered for an event or how it impacted a close-won deal.

With the latest lead information in hand, members of the sales team can take action and engage with attendees no matter where they are in the buyer’s journey — providing sales reps with a comprehensive understanding of what webinar or event content each contact has consumed and what resonates with them.

For example, if a contact has attended two product feature demos related to a given pain point, a sales representative could compile useful related resources and set up a call to further explore ways to solve the customer or prospect’s problems.

Because activity in ON24 properties can be mapped to HubSpot, sales reps can easily stay up-to-date with an account’s activities, providing representatives with the latest insights they need to bring a deal to a close.

Coming soon to the integration:

In early 2022, users will be able to transfer ON24 Intelligence data into the HubSpot CRM using the ON24 Integration with HubSpot, including demo requests, questions asked during events, and meetings that have been set up. This additional detail can help sales teams to better time and guide interactions with prospects and customers.

2. Drive Personalization with Event Data

ON24 updates customer profiles based on engagement and buyer intent data to enable marketing and sales teams to engage using the most strategic message for a contact’s level of intent or phase in the buyer’s journey.

When users access webinar registration and attendance data from ON24, they can use that event data to create lists, set workflow triggers, update scoring criteria, and more in the HubSpot CRM. Then, marketers can operationalize personalization activities like email outreach, event follow up, sales communication, or attaching an account to a specific region or persona.

ON24 data that can be used to segment within HubSpot include:

    • ON24 last registered event
    • ON24 last registered event campaign code
    • ON24 last attended event
    • ON24 last attended event campaign code

3. Map the Event Journey

Discover how you can navigate setting up your virtual training program.

With automatically synced intent data, prospect interactions across the ON24 Platform are easily updated in HubSpot to improve lead scoring and nurturing.

When event analytics are integrated with the CRM, the customer journey becomes more clear — giving marketing and sales teams the insight to associate HubSpot contacts with certain events and event actions, then follow up using automation.

“ON24 has allowed us to reach out to existing customers to expand our relationships. Customer engagement is certainly increased due to the webinars with ON24. ON24 is being used primarily by the marketing department, but in doing so supports the entire organization. It addresses the business problem of needing one tool to hold webinars that allow for polls, surveys, resource-sharing, and especially integration with our CRM, HubSpot. With ON24, we can up-sell to existing customers by giving more detailed presentations on our product and service offerings.” Review from a Marketing Analyst at an Enterprise Aviation Company

Webinars and virtual events can change the way that companies run events, from registration and invitations to follow up. Audiences want engaging virtual experiences and are predicted to attend more virtual events in the coming year than ever before.

To boost the impact of your organization’s event program, begin optimizing your experiences with real-time attendee data using the ON24 Integration with HubSpot.