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ON24 Breakouts

Keep engaging your audience after the event ends

Host breakout rooms for your audience to participate in Q&A, network with their peers or meet 1:1 with your sales team. Connect with your audience in an intimate setting with two-way audio and video experiences.

Accelerate buying journey

Create a seamless and immediate connection from your webinar and event programs to 1:1 sales meetings where active buyers can engage to learn more and accelerate their journey to purchase.

Enable audience networking

Create added opportunities for engagement by enabling attendees to jump into networking rooms where they can meet each other, discuss presentation topics with speakers and learn more about event sponsors or partners.

Engage with additional content

Increase your attendees interactions, right within breakout rooms, learning through a library of engagement tools, including speaker bios, call to actions, survey links and URLs.

Track engagement to inform next steps

With a direct integration to ON24 Intelligence you can track every interaction from a Breakout across webinars and virtual events. Understand who attended the breakout session, for how long and any chat engagement.

Breakouts that engage

Extend webinar experiences to connect with your audience in an intimate setting.

Take webinar experiences to the next level

With easy backend setup where you can assign moderators, secure entry through access codes, manage breakout room sizes and much more, the direct integration of ON24 Breakouts into webinars and virtual conferences will take your digital experiences to the next level!