What's Trending in B2B Marketing? Using First Party Intent Data

Moderator: Andrew Warren-Payne, Market2Marketers

Speakers: Tessa Barron, VP of Marketing at ON24
David Fortino, Chief Strategy Officer at NetLine Corporation
Matt Buren, Director of Sales Development at Bombora

B2B marketers have always used data to create lists of potential customers. In recent years, digital technology has led to an explosion in the amount of data available at the account and individual buyer level. 

However, data and technology has also led to an increase in the amount of noise — both in terms of the outreach that buyers receive, and in the volume of data captured by our own systems. And with privacy regulation high on the agenda, there’s a risk that in removing the noise, we’ll also lose the signal. So what are smart B2B marketers doing about it? And why is first-party intent data a potential answer?

Join experts from Bombora, NetLine and ON24 as we explore the trends behind first-party intent data and how you can get the most out of it. In this session, we’ll explore:

  • The trends in data and buyer behavior that B2B marketers need to address.
  • Why even the best data and tech isn’t a silver bullet for success.
  • The benefits that first-party intent data can bring to both your buyers and your bottom line.
  • How you can collect and action the most relevant data on your buyers.

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