#Webinerd of the Week: Jocelyn Robertson

At ON24, we take pride in our community of webinar experts. We call them “webinerds.” They’re the ones who come up with innovative new uses for webinars, develop and design eye-popping landing pages and create such a unified webinar program that you can’t help but wonder how they managed it.

To show you what the ON24 community is all about, and what it’s up to, we’re highlighting some of the top #webinerds in the industry.

This week, we’re featuring Jocelyn Robertson, Webinar/Webcast Producer at Edelman Financial Engines. With more than 10 years of experience in the financial services industry, Jocelyn how important it is to keep customers engaged and interested in content. To help keep clients and prospects engaged, Jocelyn makes expert use of webinars.

We asked Jocelyn a few questions about herself and what she thinks of the ON24 Platform. Here’s what she had to say:

To you, what does it mean to be a webinerd?

To me, being a webinerd means understanding the marketing and lead generation power of webinars and offering them as a solution for everything!

What app or tool can you not live without?

My Outlook and Google calendars. I can’t live without them at work or at home. I also love that I can integrate my ON24 webinars directly into them using Zapier!

When you’re not in the office, you’re…

At home hanging out with my family or binge-watching something on Netflix or Hulu.

What is one of your career highlights? What are you most proud of in your career thus far?

Winning the ON24 Content Re-Generator for a project I worked on that solved a very big need we had for our clients.

What do you love about ON24?

There are a few things I love about ON24! First of all, I love how interactive the audience console is. In a multi-tasking world, keeping your audience engaged in your webinar isn’t easy. The audience console allows your audience to fill the need to multitask, but stay on the console and do it with your content and widgets.

Secondly, they [ON24] are great at constantly making improvements to their platform and staying up on current trends. They are always willing to listen to suggestions from their users and keep that information in mind for updates.

How has the ON24 webinerd community helped you?

I love being able to come to the community and see how others are using ON24. I think it’s a great place to share ideas that can help improve what we are doing with webinars.

Three Tips For Localizing Content Anywhere on the Globe

Over the past year I’ve been hitting the road with ON24’s Webinar World crew, traveling to and from San Francisco, Sydney, Singapore and, now, London. All of these Webinar World events have had a few things in common. For one, each stop has featured great global cuisine. For another, and somewhat related to the first point, each stop has been incredibly accommodating to global travelers.

And that accommodating nature reflects what this Webinar World Tour is all about. The world is now a place where anyone can travel nearly anywhere and many businesses are accommodating global audiences. In the B2B world, a global focus means meeting the needs of buyers across channels in many different languages.

On my various trips I am often asked, “I have to get some content translated, do you know any translation service companies I can use?” Or “I have video content, do you know where I can get a transcription?” Need to send gifts to customers in 10 counties? What about corporate gifting services? Generally speaking, I do have answers for all of these questions, but what strikes me is the tactical nature of the question.

Michael Meinhardt is the CEO of Cloudwords and will be attending Webinar World London, taking place on Oct. 1. To learn more about Webinar World London, click here.

There are more than 30,000 translation agencies to choose from. Many of them will do transcription and Amazon.com is a good option for sending gifts to your customers and partners — although a new company, Sendoso, can help you get those personalized gifts out globally as well.

However, more recently, the line of questioning has changed from tactical to, in my mind, strategic. These strategic questions, “I need more pipeline in Germany,” or, “I need to grow revenue in Japan,” or, “I need to improve the split of my revenue from 80/20 home country to international to a 50/50 revenue split in the next five years.” How can I get there? What resources do I need? How should I align my go-to-market teams internally? What investment should I make?

I love these questions.

My first piece of guidance is always the same: Always start with the end result — what are you trying to achieve? More new customer meetings? More pipeline? More revenue? How much? There are plenty of services companies, and technology, that can help you get “there,” but you have to first know where “there” is. If you don’t know where you are going, then how do you expect to get there?

Going global doesn’t happen overnight – it takes a measurable and focused process

Translating your website, email campaign or an amazing new video isn’t going to get you that new set of customers, or even impress your current customers. The best companies in the world have realized that creating engaging global content is a series of micro-processes that often include a massive web of coordinated teams, both internally and externally. Once your company appreciates this fact, then you can begin to chart the course for the introduction of your company globally.

Salesforce automation, marketing automation and localization automation

I would guess that your sales team has a set of processes to identify opportunities and perhaps they even use some level of CRM to help them automate and capture this sales process. Further, some companies automate their marketing function, enabling them to create ever more engaging emails, landing pages and help them target ideal customer profiles. Well, if your sales and marketing teams leverage automation technologies, and you are thinking about the next step in your global content processes, localization automation can help you improve the speed of multilingual content production.

Localization is really just another global business process, albeit an insanely manual process historically for even the most global enterprises. Most companies who have tried to improve their processes have relied on massive spreadsheets, confusing email strings and content repositories that lack version control. Engaging with your global customers is extremely critical, so an investment in localization automation technology is imperative, just like salesforce automation and marketing automation.

Consider the global customer experience

Imagine a customer visits your website, do they see their native language? If they do, how much of the content has been translated? If they click on a link to a marketing asset or on-demand webinar, do they see that asset in their native language, or is it simply in English?

I can’t stress enough how important it is for visitors to have a consistent experience from the first time they visit your website, your booth at a conference or even when they engage with your frontline organization. If you aren’t willing to invest appropriately, then it becomes very obvious to your future potential customers. I would simply recommend making sure the content available to your global customers is consistent with “what” you are selling in that region. Doing so provides these potential clients with the sense that your organization truly cares about them and their culture. This is, in essence, true localization.

Lastly, the journey to becoming a truly global organization is just that — a journey. It doesn’t happen overnight and there will be setbacks, but if you start with “why” you are entering a new market, the true reason for localizing global content and understand how you are going to measure your success, then you are already 50% there!

Meet the #Webinerd: Julia Riess

At ON24, we take pride in our community of webinar experts. They plan programs, design educational resources and implement new methods that build genuine human connections online. We call them “webinerds” and we like to pay homage to them by highlighting exceptional webinerds every so often.

This week, we’re featuring Julia Riess, Technical Producer at The Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc. At IIA, Julia is responsible for developing webinars that keep professional auditors on top of their game. These topics can include education, research and technical guidance. The IIA also produces webinars that keeps member auditors certified.

To get a better understanding how Julia makes the most out of her webinerd life, we asked her a few questions. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: To you, what does it mean to be a webinerd?

Embracing my nerdy self by incorporating my nerd-dom in my work life.

Q: What app or tool can you not live without?

Console builder makes my job SOOOO much easier. 🙂

Q: When you’re not in the office, you’re…

Either hunting on PS4, watching a movie (preferably horror or sci-fi), or at the beach.

Q: What is one of your career highlights? What are you most proud of in your career thus far?

Prior to me getting promoted as technical producer, I used to work in Customer Service at our company. Back in 2011, I won the DIAMOND award for my Customer Service skills from ICSA (International Customer Service Association). I was selected from about 25 other nominees to represent Central Florida. They posted my picture on a billboard on International Drive in Orlando for 30 days.

Q: What do you love about ON24?

User friendliness, resources and tech support are top notch. I also love the free information webinars and the webinerd community.

How has the ON24 webinerd community helped you?

I’ve learned some helpful best practices and generated ideas to improve our processes with respect to webinar creation and execution.

5 Ways Marketing Can Drive Sales to Close

In a post yesterday I wrote about the fact that only 2% of marketers believe they have an ‘excellent’ relationship with Sales. This was in response to a webinar that I was invited to attend by ON24 with the title webinar “How Marketers can Help Sales to Always be Closing” with where the excellent Maya Ahluwalia and I took slightly different perspectives on the subject … marketing versus sales! Doing prep for events like this is great fun, and I thought I would see if anyone agreed with me or if I missed something in terms of my top five ways Marketing can help Sales.

Matthew Kelleher is the Chief Commercial Officer for Technology, SaaS and Data Platforms at RedEye. This post was originally published on LinkedIn.com. Shared with author’s permission.

Method 1: Develop and manage an effective pipeline.

A great question was asked during the webinar – ‘What can I do to get Sales to pick up the MQLs we are delivering?’ My reaction to this, with my background in sales, is that if a sales team is not picking up MQLs then they don’t see a value in them. And this takes us back to the point: developing and managing an effective pipeline is not about delivering MQLs, it goes way beyond that.

Method 2: Work Down the Pipeline.

It is an exciting trend to see marketers increasingly take responsibility further in the process, nurturing opportunities further down the pipeline and thereby delivering warmer leads, more likely to be in the buying window, to Sales. After all, Marketing is the brains of the outfit (ouch, did I just say that?!), the Holmes to sales’ Watson, Hardy to their Laurel (that last one might not work, but I still like it). Marketing should own the science, sales the brawn!

Method 3: Use Open Communication Channels to Gather and Utilise Key Information

Demand and Lead Gen strategies need to be built around the buyer drivers. What are prospects saying are their motivations for engaging with the vendor? Why do clients buy? Indeed, why are deals lost? All of this information is held by Sales, but with a solid partnership and open communication between Sales and Marketing, then this type of information is critical to developing winning content and lead gen strategies.

Method 4: Take Nurture away from Sales.

Marketing automation platforms are now able to deliver highly sophisticated programmes that can help develop opportunities closer to the buying stage. As part of the answer to (1) above, Marketing needs to maximise this process to make sure spend and performance are optimised.

Method 5: Support ‘In the Room’

This is not only the obvious stuff, for instance: collateral, case studies, client stories, excellent sales decks, client testimonials, etc. But whilst Marketers don’t often want to actually be in the room, nor do sales always want them there, senior marketers, CMOs for instance, can add both sometimes deeper product and market understanding but also Board level kudos.

But on the webinar last week everything kept coming back to what a key partnership Sales and Marketing is and that the most important element of that is to have both parties understand and committed to the partnership and willing to share important information. But this is not always the easiest thing to do!

To read more on Matthew’s takes from “How Marketers Can Help Sales To Always Be Closing” click here. To watch the webinar itself, click here.

Meet the #Webinerd: Trevor Petitte

At ON24, we’re all about our community of webinar experts from across the globe. We call them #webinerds and they’re responsible for generating some of the most impressive marketing results we’ve ever seen.

This week’s webinerd is no exception. Trevor Petitte, Customer Success Specialist at NaviGate Prepared, uses webinars to help facilitate conversations among customers and train members on the latest in emergency preparedness and prevention strategies.

We asked Trevor a few questions about himself and what he about the ON24 Platform and its #webinerd community. Here’s what he had to say:

To, you what does it mean to be a #webinerd?

To bring dynamic content to our customers and help them achieve their goals at the highest level.

What app or tool can you not live without?


When you’re not in the office, you’re…

Mowing grass or playing video games.

What is one of your career highlights? What are you most prod of in your career thus far?

Helping to establish a robust customer webinar program.

What do you love about ON24?

The customizability of the platform to spread our company branding; the ease of use from customer end.

How has the ON24 webinerd community helped you?

I am fairly new to the community but just examples of how other webinar programs have been built are super helpful.

Meet the #Webinerd: Stacy Combest

At ON24, we take pride in our community of webinar experts. They plan programs, develop innovative new tactics, strategize events and tinker with programs continuously. We call these professionals “webinerds.” To show you what the ON24 community is all about, we’re highlighting some of the top #webinerds in the industry.

This week, we’re featuring Stacy Combest, Manager of Webinar Marketing at Hootsuite based out of Akron, Ohio. Stacy brings nearly a decade of experience to the marketing table, starting with her service in the Army Reserves’ 350th Psychological Operations Company.

We asked Stacy a few questions about herself and what she thinks of the ON24 Platform. Here’s what she had to say:

To you, what does it mean to be a webinerd?

To me, a webinerd is someone who gets excited about webinars. Constantly testing new ideas and looking for new ways to improve the user experience. A webinerd enjoys the success of a webinar but understands that they must also evolve to continue that success.

What app or tool can you not live without?

Google Calendar and a real-life notebook #oldschool.

When you’re not in the office, you’re…

Hanging out with my kids and husband, baking awesome treats, knitting and kayaking with my pup, Murphy.

What is one of your career highlights? What are you most proud of in your career thus far?

One of my biggest career highlights was getting hired at Hootsuite. This company has given me the keys to running an amazing global webinar program and I truly love what I do.

What do you love about ON24?

I love how easy ON24 is to use, the ability to engage with users through widgets and the people behind ON24. A great company is made up by great people and it’s clear with ON24.

How has the ON24 webinerd community helped you?

I’ve been using the webinerd community since it was called Voice. It has helped me grow in my webinar knowledge by seeing what others are doing and also by engaging in forums. This is the first place I go if I have a question about webinars.

Feature Friday: ON24’s New Media Manager

Content management is important for marketers, especially when it comes to eliminating redundancy and creating better workflows. The ON24 Platform allows marketers to create live, always-on and personalized content experiences, helping users easily manage content between channels. That’s why ON24 developed the new ON24 Media Manager to drive efficiency and scale programs.

The Media Manager is a lightweight Content Management System (CMS) to aid in managing and creating new content experiences without draining resources. Easily upload, manage, and publish content across your ON24 Engagement Hub(s) or Target pages, such as webinars, images, videos and documents. The Media Manager comes with robust content management capabilities so users can set thumbnails, edit titles, set custom content tags, easily search or sort content.

Whether you’re managing a library of upcoming or on-demand webinars, or creating personalized content experiences for targeted accounts, the new Media Manager tool helps you do all that from one centralized location! Contact us to learn more.

Meet the #Webinerd: Erica Cook

At ON24, we take pride in our community of webinar experts. We call them “webinerds.” To celebrate the best of the webinar elite, we’re highlighting one true #webinerd every other week. In this edition of “Meet the Webinerd,” we chat with Erica Cook, B2B marketing maven at Ellucian.

Erica wears a lot of hats while taking Ellucian’s solutions for higher education to market. She plans, manages and executes campaigns across all product lines. She optimizes operations for events, pushes brand marketing to the next level and, on occasion, blogs.

In addition, she manages the company’s webinar program. To get to know Erica a little bit more, we asked her a few questions. Here’s what she had so say:

To you, what does it mean to be a webinerd?

EC: To be a webinerd is to be a strategic and creative marketer/content creator who leverages webinars to further business goals and engage key audiences, and who is not afraid to experiment with new tactics at each stage of the webinar process.

What app or tool can you not live without?

EC: My project management tool, Robohead.

When you’re not in the office, you’re…

EC: Spending time with my amazing husband, exploring Denver (our new home) and the mountains, or trying a new fitness class.

What is one of your career highlights? What are you most proud of in your career thus far?

EC: One of my proudest career moments was successfully launching a new tech product in a new market as a product marketer, with the help of an amazing sales and product team.

What do you love about ON24?

EC: I love that it’s simple to use and that the viewing console is easy to customize.

How has the ON24 webinerd community helped you?

EC: I love hearing from and relating to other marketers who are in ON24 every day (like me), and understand how fun it is to be a #webinerd.

ON24 Leads in G2’s Webinar Software Grid

Earlier this year, G2 Crowd, a leading peer-to-peer review site, released its Grid Report for Webinar Software. The report assesses 13 different webinar providers against several different criteria, such as market presence, overall satisfaction, available online resources and social networks.

It turns out, out of all of the webinar software providers G2 rated*, ON24 is considered the market leader for webinar software.

That rating is based on the opinions of more than 350 reviewers from several different industries, such as financial services, life sciences, publishing, IT services and software.

So, according to our reviewers, what makes ON24 stand out? Well, our ability to make registration a seamless process is one. Another highlight is how ON24 provides an advanced attendee report with every webinar so you can find the most promising leads. Finally, we make recording webinars easy — so easy, in fact, that you can also use our platform to produce podcasts.

We’re thrilled to see that we’re in line with the ON24 community of #webinerds — and we can’t wait to push the edge of webinars even further than we are now. Want to see what the ON24 community has to offer? Check out an upcoming webinar or head on over to the Webinar Best Practices section to see what your webinars can do for you.

Download G2 Crowd’s report to learn how ON24 fares against the competition and what professionals like you think of the ON24 Platform.

*G2 ranks satisfaction by evaluating several factors, including customer satisfaction with end user-focused product attributes, popularity amongst reviewers, the quality of the reviews received on G2, how often professionals submit reviews, how easy the software is to administer and overall satisfaction and Net Promoter Score.