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3 Women taking the Role of the Webinerd to the Next Level

March 10th, 2020 Tiffany Beddow

As we reflect on International Women’s Day, we wanted to give a shout out to the lady webinerds who think outside the box, get scrappy with their marketing and create captivating experiences that move business goals forward.

We’re excited to introduce you to three women paving the way in marketing and advocating for women in the workplace.

Erin Molnar – Senior Marketing Manager, Digital Events, SAP Concur

Erin leads digital events for SMB’s at SAP Concur. She loves bringing brand experiences to life wherever her customers are on the web. Erin recently had the challenge of translating a small, very hands-on in-person implementation workshop to a virtual event. She needed to enable her customers to get set up with products faster, with fewer resources on her side, all while maintaining a high satisfaction score.

Her team wasn’t sure if it would work virtually, but not only did they achieve their results, the implementation coaches actually preferred the virtual event, which they were very skeptical of in the beginning. They have now expanded a one-time pilot to twice-a-month virtual workshops in 2020. This is a huge step in scaling SAP Concur implementation for customers and efficiencies and time and money savings for the company.

Aside from crushing her marketing goals, Erin is a mom first and foremost and actively supports Mother Honestly, a platform that inspires, encourages and guides the modern ambitious woman to thrive in and beyond motherhood. See her insights on motherhood and the workplace below:

Blane Barker – Sr. Program Manager, Atlassian

Blane oversees Atlassian’s global webinar program, running more than 300 webinars annually. She’s spent her career building scale and driving innovation initiatives across marketing departments, systems and operations.

When Blane isn’t busy making sure Atlassian’s webinar program runs flawlessly, she’s sharing her thoughts and experiences about navigating as a woman in the workplace at events like ON24’s OWN IT, an event all about women leading marketing change.

Sarah Danzl – Head of Communications, Degreed

Sarah has been actively involved in the learning space for 11 years, leading marketing and communications efforts in both corporate and startup capacities. She currently leads the Enterprise Communications and Content Development efforts on Degreed’s Product Marketing Team.  She rolled out Degreed’s comprehensive webinar program in just two months with limited resources. She built a strategy that focused on segmented promotions, sales enablement and performance tracking and the results exceeded expectations. You can learn more about how she did it here.

In addition to leading the initial charge in getting Degreed’s webinar program up and running, she’s also shared her thoughts this International Women’s day on how we can all make an effort every day to raise women up, not just this day alone. Check out her five tips below: