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How TOPdesk Gets Scrappy to WebinarFH

April 9th, 2020 Samira McDonald

The new routine: Wake up. Brush teeth. Take shower. Get dressed. Brew coffee. All to make the long commute to your dining room table — scratch that, new office. As working from home is becoming the new normal, we are getting more and more innovative in how we transform areas of our homes into offices.

The Setup

Webinerds far and wide are getting their creative juices flowing to build their best at-home office. Here’s a ‘behind the scenes’ peek at how TOPdesk’s Sanne van Opstal-Brakel, Marketing Communications Coordinator, set up her at-home webinar station for, “What’s new at TOPdesk” right from her dining room table:

How It Helps to #Webinarfh

Take a good look at what Sanne used to prop her laptop up: that’s right — shoeboxes! Any household items are fair game to create the ultimate W(ebinar)FH experience. The set-up may look unconventional, but stacking her laptop on shoeboxes helps Sanne give a presentation at eye-level and provides nothing short of a wonderful experience for her audience.

Next Steps

To provide the best experience possible for her audience, Sanne uses ON24’s simulive functionality, which allows her to pre-record the event and get the perfect take — no need to stress about a doorbell ringing during a live event, or a two-year-old running in on the event.

One parenting-while-webinaring tip Sanne suggests is to coordinate with partners and arrange a time for them to keep an eye on and be in charge of children. This helps make sure mom can have alone time to record. When it is time to air live, Sanne is able to sit back, relax with her daughter by her side and produce the webinar with ease. “I LOVE simulive webinars because it’s so easy to give your audience a live experience with little effort.”

TOPdesk recently ran a very successful webinar about remote working with TOPdesk (due to COVID-19). Sanne set everything up within a week and had over 300 registrants for the first edition.

She may not be able to stay as focused as she is when in the office, but Sanne is able to get the job done easily with ON24.