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Advancing Digital Engagement: Transforming Go-to-Market Strategies Across Industries

March 6th, 2024 Gabriella Kose

The world of digital engagement is being turned on its head and the way B2B digital marketers do business across various industries has to change. Nowadays, customers aren’t just looking for products and services; they want amazing digital experiences. And companies that get this are the ones winning. 

By digging deeper into the strategies of top enterprises in tech, life sciences, insurance, manufacturing and professional services, it is clear that those who’ve embraced digital engagement are coming out on top of their competitors. 

First things first, though. Before we jump headfirst into digital transformation, it’s essential to gauge where your organization stands in terms of digital marketing maturity. Assessing your marketing strategy, data analytics, technology integrations and how you act on insights, will give you a solid foundation to build upon. 

Go-to-Market Transformation: How Industries Advance Digital Engagement

Now, here are some real-life examples of how different industries are leveraging digital engagement to up their go-to-market game:

Technology – Demand Generation

Microsoft Training Day

Tech is usually all about demand generation. With the majority of B2B sales interactions expected to happen online next year, getting it right when it comes to your digital engagement strategies with thought-provoking webinars and targeted ABM campaigns is key.  

Take Microsoft, for example. Making its Training Day digital allowed it to reach a global audience like never before and drive up engagement levels. The event was extended across 190 countries and made available in 37 languages. 

To do this, Microsoft pre-recorded sessions and had real-time Q&A moderation, enhancing attendee satisfaction and ensuring accessibility with captions, color contrast, image tags and video speed options. Microsoft’s webinar strategy aligned seamlessly with marketing campaigns and the buyer’s journey, incorporating comprehensive on-demand content and a webinar content hub

Associations – Partner Enablement

AAA console

Next up is associations, where empowering intermediaries and consumer-facing channels is key. Organizations can drive business growth by providing partners with engaging experiences like product demo webinars and collaborative marketing efforts. 

Just look at what AAA – The Auto Club Group did. ACG shifted its focus to reach a broader audience, reducing costs and enhancing partner engagement.  Transitioning from in-person to biweekly and monthly digital training sessions, ACG eliminated the need for travel and business disruption, providing cost-effective engagement options. 

Professional Services – Continuing Professional Education

RSM Console

In professional services, it’s all about establishing channels for thought leadership and professional certification training. By offering top-notch digital training programs, firms can attract and retain clients while establishing themselves as thought leaders. 

RSM nailed this with a multi-channel approach of interactive webinars that not only educated their audience but also generated leads and boosted client retention. With robust reporting tools, RSM analyzed real-time data to refine campaigns, and its use of webcasts facilitated meaningful client interactions, fueling business growth. 

Go-to-Market Transformation: How Industries Advance Digital Engagement

Life Sciences – Healthcare Professional Engagement


When it comes to life sciences, the emphasis is on engaging healthcare professionals through digital channels. With webinars being the preferred channel for HCPs, organizations can leverage digital experiences to empower them with the knowledge they need for better patient outcomes. 

UCB, for instance, embarked on a digital transformation journey that included a new content hub and events platform to guide participants to related content and initiate further discussions and interactive widgets that turned passive viewers into active participants. 

By integrating its marketing technology platform with Veeva and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, UCB ensured a seamless data flow into internal systems, enabling personalized engagements and agile decision-making based on real-time insights.

Insurance – Member Enrollment

UnitedHealthcare Screenshot

And let’s not forget about insurance. With the industry rapidly digitizing, member enrollment strategies aim to streamline enrollment processes and engage target audiences effectively. 

UnitedHealthcare took its member enrollment efforts to the next level by adopting ON24, resulting in increased attendance rates and smoother lead management with CRM integration. 

Its previous webinar and virtual events platform posed security concerns, software glitches and insufficient data. With its new branded platform, UnitedHealthcare also saved time for field teams by shifting from in-person meetings to virtual webinars. 

Assessing your current digital transformation maturity 

Group of people around desktop

To gauge your digital engagement maturity, assess your organization by following these steps: 

    • Conduct a digital maturity assessment 
    • Review the customer journey for digital enhancement opportunities 
    • Evaluate your technology stack 
    • Scrutinize your data strategy 
    • Identify gaps and create a roadmap for improvement 

Digital marketing maturity isn’t just a buzzword anymore; it’s a game-changer. By embracing and tailoring your strategies to fit your industry and use case, you can achieve remarkable results and prepare for future-proof growth in an industry that never stops changing. 

Go-to-Market Transformation: How Industries Advance Digital Engagement