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Best-in-class webinars and virtual events

How can you enhance your digital strategy to captivate and educate your target audience while consistently driving revenue growth? Texthelp converted 3,500+ leads into high-qualified marketing leads within 30 days of their ON24 webinar series.

Driving healthcare excellence

GE Healthcare is dedicated to improving patient outcomes. By providing ON24 digital experiences, GE was able to expand its clinician network, educate healthcare professionals about products and medical content, all while boosting sales.

A masterclass in business results

ZoomInfo’s digital event program on the ON24 platform delivered the kind of results marketers dream of, outperforming benchmarks with a stellar 65% Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) rate and ultimately securing 10 closed won deals.

Elevating HCP engagement

With a 50%+ attendee conversion rate, UCB, is truly setting the bar for digital engagement. UCB provided seamless registration for attendees and routed the data insights collected straight to their sales team with the integration of ON24 and their CRM.

Hitting the engagement jackpot

From personalized experiences based on customer segments to customizable branding, S&P Global made use of almost every feature available within the ON24 Platform. As a result, S&P expanded its audience reach, doubled qualified leads and boosted engagement.

Prescribing efficiency

UnitedHealthcare utilized ON24 digital experiences and an always-on content hub to cut time spent on events in half and were able to achieve an 80% cost savings compared to previous years, all while increasing engagement and driving more members than ever before.

One event, three countries, one experience

Informatica scaled its live event across three key regions simultaneously. This event drove registration and also a consistent, branded and seamless experience for customers worldwide.

Shaping the future of accounting

From a single event, FloQast influenced 82% of events pipeline. This event also generated 120+ new active opportunities by routing high-quality leads from demo requests from ON24 webinars to sales.

Turning clicks into conversions

TravelMediaGroup, a hotel marketing agency serving the hospitality industry, generated more than 50 leads and closed three closed deals from one digital experience by creating an engaging customer experience on ON24.

Guardians of cyberspace

The world’s largest integrated platform for security awareness training, KnowBe4, generated a staggering $300K+ in pipeline influenced by an ON24-powered digital experience. With almost 2,000 in attendance and aired across multiple time zones, the numbers are still increasing.

Game changing education

Have you ever hosted a national jeopardy game on ON24? The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA), figured out how to make financial aid topics fun with the ON24 platform, achieving 100% participant satisfaction.

Boosting product growth

Danfoss drove product growth and customer retention by adding video snippets to a live session and using ON24 engagement tools. With feedback from more than 1,700 distributors, resellers, and customers, Danfoss will use it to continue optimizing its event programs.

Setting new MQL records

By leveraging engagement data from CTAs, polls, chats and downloads across a webinar series, Texthelp sourced leads with ON24. At least 70% of those leads generated from the three events were converted into MQLs within 30 days.

Personalization and customization at scale

Global X, a New York-based provider of exchange-traded funds, increased qualified, high-value leads by 22%. As if that weren’t impressive enough, Global X integrated the platform with their CRM for personalized sales follow-ups, increased engagement, CTA conversions and click-through rate.

Innovation for manufacturing

The Tata Consultancy Services β€œAI Generated Content – Innovation for Manufacturing” set a new record for registration and participation. The event was held across 30 different countries with positive feedback from prospects and customers.

Certification made simple

By scaling their digital engagement across multiple sessions and timezones and using ON24 automation, Wood PLC, one of the world’s leading consulting and engineering companies increased pipeline growth, audience engagement and issued continuing professional education credits than ever before.

An event powerhouse

PowerSchool, a cloud-based K-12 platform broke their digital event records left and right with the ON24 platform – with over 1,800 registrants, more than 400 poll responses, 175 CTA clicks, 300+ content downloads.

Relationship building that drives results

Kaspersky, a technology leader in developing security software, drove product adoption and business growth with a strategic event that fostered both prospect and existing customer relationships.

Real-time adjustments for peak event performance

By collecting engagement data and using ON24 automated reminders, Infopro Digital, made real-time adjustments to their digital event campaign, resulting in increased effectiveness, registration, attendance and conversion rates.

Improving customer advocacy

TOPdesk, a service management platform for IT service teams, increased revenue and customer engagement by 7% YoY. The TOPdesk team was also able to use the ON24 platform to drive more traffic to their on-demand content hub.

"The key to creating amazing experiences is putting your audiences at the center of them."

Mark Bornstein, VP of Marketing, ON24

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