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Meet ON24: Jessica McClune, Enterprise Customer Success Manager

July 21st, 2022

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Meet Jessica McClune, ON24’s Enterprise Customer Success Manager based out of California! Read on to learn more about Jessica’s experience at ON24, what excites her most about the future, and her favorite takeaways in her current role.

What is your position and what team are you a part of at ON24?

I am a Customer Success Manager on the Enterprise team.

How did you hear about ON24, and what drew you to join?

I worked in Video Conferencing previously and had actually used ON24 at a former company. When I was ready to switch jobs, I had a colleague that used to work for ON24 and had great things to say. He introduced me to the CS leaders and the rest was history.

How long have you been at ON24?

Since June 2020.

How has ON24 evolved since the time you joined?  

We’ve grown in numbers and went public! Our product has improved so much and we expanded our product suite with the help of our customers’ valuable feedback.

What have been some of your favorite projects you have worked on at ON24?

I lead the onboarding of new CSMs at the company and work closely with the various segments of CS because of it. It’s really fun getting to help out when needed and see how quickly my fellow team members are picking things up! There are many things to learn from them as well, so I love that I get to keep growing with my colleagues.

How has ON24 helped you with your career development?

ON24 has taught me patience and valuable leadership skills. It has also allowed me to move outside my comfort zones and challenge myself in the best ways.

What has been your favorite ON24 memory?

This is broad but honestly, I love any time someone at the company gets promoted/recognized. Everyone rallies around to congratulate them and it’s a really powerful thing to witness the excitement colleagues have for each other’s big milestones!

What excites you most about ON24’s future?

Where we’re headed. In the last year alone, we have introduced multiple new products and are moving with the market trends.

What advice do you have for prospective ON24 candidates?

Take the leap, it’s worth it! We’re on a solid path in the market, and your coworkers here are incredible.

What is your proudest moment as an ON24 employee?

Being asked to lead new CSMs, as well as when I was moved up to the Enterprise team. It’s reassuring when your Director(s) want the best for you and see potential in you that you may not have seen yourself.

What is unique about ON24?

We love to promote from within! Hearing stories during my interviews of how long people have been with the company and where they started vs. where they are now was one of the top reasons I ultimately decided ON24 was my place. It’s always great to see a company appreciate the work their employees are putting in and rewarding them for it.

What has your experience been like adjusting to a fully remote environment?

I was a remote employee before coming to ON24, so it hasn’t been too bad. Just weird that I have still not met a single coworker in person since starting at the company!

If you could switch your role with anyone else in the company, who would it be and why?

I love what I do, but if I had to choose, Mark Bornstein specifically. I think the reason is obvious and speaks for itself if you’ve ever watched one of his webinars 😉

Why should those in the Customer Success field be interested in joining ON24? 

The level of collaboration and willingness to help across team members is something I have not experienced anywhere else. And despite not meeting anyone in person, the people I get the pleasure of working with closely daily have genuinely become friends. It’s a very supportive environment which is refreshing.

Interested in joining the ON24 team? Click here to review our career opportunities.