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How TOPdesk Beat Webinar Targets by 300%

July 19th, 2022 Andrea Bartman

Marketers say they always put audiences first, but few actually do it. It’s not because they don’t care about their audience…far from it! But a lot of different factors and priorities go into marketing and sometimes the audience just doesn’t end up at the top of the list.

For TOPdesk, the audience was the primary focus for their webinar on Best Practices for Migrating to Asset Management. The event was so audience-centric that they won the ON24’s Audience First award from the ON24 Experience.

To win ON24’s Audience First award, the webinar or digital experience had to put the customer at the center of every aspect of the event. The winner of this award needed to set a new standard on audience engagement, interactivity and accessibility. TOPdesk does all of this in its Best Practices event.

TOPdesk Had One Audience In Mind

As a developer and supplier of service management software, TOPdesk is always introducing new features and upgrades to its programs. The Netherlands-based company recently launched a new asset management system to help its customers better organize, track and use its business assets.

To help customers adopt the new tool, TOPdesk created a best practices webinar to help them understand the process and show step-by-step instructions on how to do certain parts of the move. From the resources and polls to the presenters, every aspect of the webinar focused on helping customers through the migration from the old system to the new.

This webinar is part of a three-phase process to help customers gauge readiness for the migration and provide tips and tricks as they begin the transition.

The first phase consisted of a survey to see if the customer was eligible to migrate from Configuration Management, TOPdesk’s old system for tracking and collating business assets, to Asset Management, the new and improved system.

Those customers that were eligible moved on to phase two and were invited to the preview webinar which shared best practices they could follow during the migration. The webinar included many downloadable resources and was available on-demand for customers to reference as they were working through the migration.

At the end of the webinar, customers moved to phase three where they completed another survey that evaluated their skills to see if they could complete the migration on their own or whether they needed a TOPdesk consultant to help them through the process.

TOPdesk Organized Around A Single Theme

Everything about TOPdesk’s webinar focused on helping customers transition to its Asset Management platform. The company included more than a dozen resources to help customers prepare for the migration and they took the time to walk customers through particularly tricky aspects of the migration so they could follow along to make sure they did it correctly.

TOPdesk also focused on interacting with customers throughout the webinar by incorporating polls, reactions and the Q&A features. The host presented live in a newsroom-style setting and asked customers to participate in 5 polls throughout the hour-long event.

The polls gauged customers’ previous experience with the Asset Management platform, asked about why customers haven’t yet migrated so they could address their concerns, when customers plan to do the migration, what they are most looking forward to with the new platform and how TOPdesk can best help them after the webinar.

In addition to building in lots of audience engagement, TOPdesk’s three-phase migration readiness plan helped drive customers to adopt the new, upgraded platform. Each of the migration phrases served to assess a customer’s ability to adopt the new tool and nurture them through the funnel to convert to the new process.

As customers continue to engage with TOPdesk they moved further into the funnel and continued to build confidence in completing the migration process. The polls and Q&A engagement tools also allowed TOPdesk to see why customers were not beginning the migration and address their concerns to help them through the process.

With the three-phase migration assessment, TOPdesk also knew how to properly help each customer depending on where they were within the phase activities. Customers that were not eligible after the first survey needed different information than customers who lacked the skills to complete the process without a TOPdesk consultant helping them. As customers continued on to the next phase, TOPdesk provided appropriate content to help them through their current phase and onto the next.

TOPdesk Used Webinars In a Fun, Creative Way


To provide audiences with an enjoyable webinar experience, TOPdesk created a fun, custom webinar console background for its event. This graphic aligned with TOPdesk’s brand colors and stuck to the migration theme with a vehicle on a long and windy road. This theme and branding were carried throughout the entire three-phase campaign so everything coordinated and looked like a cohesive event.

The company also made sure the webinar’s engagement tools matched the console’s theme. TOPdesk used custom widgets with a cartoon look and matching color scheme. The engagement tools were also a big part of the audience experience because TOPdesk leveraged polls, surveys, Q&A and the resource list to help participants have an interactive experience.

With the entire event focusing on the goal of asset migration, the company included a separate widget for its “Asset Management Migration Checklist” to help customers make sure they are ready to migrate their assets. They even took it one step farther and had a hidden button on the webinar console with the same content. The button looks like it’s part of the console graphic but is able to be clicked to open the additional content.

Participants were also treated to advanced video techniques during the webinar. The hosts presented the webinar’s content on video in a news-style format in TOPdesk’s new webinar studio at their headquarters office.

Throughout the presentation, the hosts walked participants through tricky aspects of the migration and used a picture-in-picture style to show a computer screen while still being on camera. This format allows the presenters to maintain a connection with the audience while demonstrating step-by-step instructions on how to navigate more challenging aspects of the migration.

Key Takeaways for Your Next Event

The three-phase asset migration campaign was a success. By producing fun, engaging and interactive digital events, TOPdesk shepherded its customers through the right migration journey.

The campaign is still running, but the company has already surpassed its pre-webinar goals by more than 300%, helping the organization reach its overall campaign goals. Overall, a great example of what’s possible when an organization is laser-focused on providing an exceptional experience for its audiences.

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