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How Digital Experiences Can Power Member Enrollment

April 19th, 2023 Michael Mayday

In a digital-first world, driving member enrollment means knowing when, where and how potential members want to be contacted. Often, that means using digital channels to connect, educate and boost membership. 

But what does a digital-first enrollment program look like and what can a provider do to make their offerings stand out? Often, it’s a winning combination of both enabling agents/brokers to educate employers and providing members with on-demand resources they can use to help them make an informed decision. We’ve compiled three examples from leading insurance providers below. Check out how they use ON24 to scale their digital presence and drive member engagement. 


An example of an ADP Engagement Hub. 

ADP is a comprehensive global provider of cloud-based human capital management solutions. To reach and connect with its audiences, the company uses digital experiences both to educate customers and enable its agents to better connect with and serve customers and business partners. 

For example, ADP’s Financial Advisor Resource Page keeps the company’s agents informed. From the Financial Advisor Resource Page, agents can browse on-demand webinars, register for upcoming events, watch tutorials and explore resources by topics such as investing, retirement, benefits and more. 

And, with ON24 Engagement Hub, agents can be taken to topic-specific resource pages to find more information. 


Anthem webinar

Anthem is the second-largest healthcare insurer in the United States, providing services and solutions to private employers, federal employees and Medicare participants. Because it provides solutions at nearly every level of healthcare, it needs to create content that connects with a wide variety of audiences while also organizing all of its materials in strategic, cohesive programs that scale. 

Anthem National

Anthem National

On a national level, Anthem uses a combination of webinars and resource hubs, powered by ON24 Webcast Elite and Engagement Hub to educate employers on Anthem’s offerings on specific medical treatment programs. These webinars, designed to drive demand, also help Anthem identify interested employers.

To help organize and distribute information on its medical treatment programs, the company uses Engagement Hub. This enables Anthem to produce always-on, self-service resource centers that provide prospective employers and members with in-depth, educational webinars on a variety of topics that they can refer to as needed. 

Anthem Medicare

Anthem Medicare

To help its current and prospective members understand their options for coverage under Medicare, Anthem produces educational webinars. These webinars guide senior enrollees through Anthem’s options and provide an effective channel for connecting them with agents.

To personalize outreach and to scale its educational material and Medicare solutions across the country, Anthem uses ON24 Connect to integrate Webcast Elite data with Salesforce.  With this integration in place, Anthem’s team can automatically set up and approve the meeting process between its agent and prospective members, creating a more streamlined and personalized experience saving hours of work.

Anthem Federal

Anthem Federal

Anthem uses an always-on educational resource center powered by Engagement Hub to ensure federal employees understand the medical benefits available to them. This hub provides federal employees with informational webinars on everything from medical and dental coverage to information on how retirement affects their benefit options and more. 

And, with CTAs embedded directly into its hub, Anthem can make it easy for federal employees to schedule appointments, chat with representatives and request additional material without leaving the resource center. 

Anthem also uses its webinars, powered by Webcast Elite, to streamline processes for federal employees. Webinar attendees can gain immediate access to additional resources, learn more about benefits and discounts and, through the book-a-meeting tool, can schedule meetings with Anthem experts to directly discuss their personal situations and benefit options. 

VSP: Virtual SHiFT

VSP Event

VSP Global, a leading provider of vision health insurance and eye care worldwide. As a leader in its domain, VSP Global knows the value of providing partners with educational content to help them achieve more in their practice. 

But VSP Global needed to scale the reach of its conference beyond the limits of its physical event. So, it turned to Webcast Elite and ON24 Virtual Conference

With ON24, VSP Global could provide its global audience of ophthalmologists, optometrists and other eye care medical professionals with two full days of educational seminars and continuing education opportunities. Its virtual event also offered on-demand sessions, making it easier for busy professionals to say “yes” to its content and enhance the brand’s presence over time. 

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