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Five Engaging Digital Experiences In Life Sciences

March 13th, 2023 Michael Mayday

Today’s digital-first world has transformed how the life sciences industry engages and educates HCPs, patients and distributors. As a part of that evolution, and to stay ahead of audience needs, many marketers within the industry are testing and refining their digital outreach and engagement strategies.

As a result, leading life sciences innovators from across the globe are creating digital experiences that engage audiences, educate professionals and provide companies with the insights they need to predictably grow revenue.

ON24 Life Sciences Benchmarks Report, 2023

We’ve assembled five examples of engaging digital experiences in life sciences for you to review. Check them out below.

Align Technology

To get its innovations in the hands of the dentists and orthodontists that would use them, Align Technology has to connect its audiences with the researchers and engineers who can deliver quality training on its equipment.

The only problem? All of these professionals aren’t usually in the same room at the same time.

To get its content into the right hands, Align used ON24 Webcast Elite to create a three-phase educational webinar program for dental device professionals. Align Technology also boosted its content’s accessibility with targeted resource hubs and landing pages powered by ON24 Engagement Hub and ON24 Target.

With ON24, Align brought its simulations, training events and more, to a global audience.


CooperVision is the leading manufacturer of contact lenses across the Asia Pacific region. But servicing such a diverse area also means knowing how to accommodate an audience that lives in different time zones, speaks different languages and has different needs.

To do all of this, CooperVision uses Webcast Elite to craft engaging webinars and virtual events for its audience of eye care professionals.

For example, CooperVision created a five-part, webinar series spread across five months. With a focus on myopia management, the series provided attendees with relevant content offers, community insights and resources they could access on-demand.

The series resonated with CooperVision’s diverse audience, helping the organization engage with more than 1,000 attendees, 70% of which raised their hand for follow-up. According to CooperVision, the webinar series generated so many prospects that they could afford to get “really picky” on the leads they would prioritize.

The real-time insights provided by ON24 took a lot of guesswork out of the process. In fact, with powerful CRM integrations in place, CooperVision could easily send insightful and actionable first-party data collected by ON24 straight to the company’s sales force, helping the team prioritize leads and drive growth.


Roche is a leading, multinational healthcare company facilitating cutting-edge research for pharmaceutical and diagnostics professionals. Like most R&D firms, Roche must clearly explain its techniques and products to would-be end users before use in the field.

Often, this means connecting its experts with healthcare professionals, researchers and technicians worldwide. But educating, training and sharing its latest developments face-to-face can be slow, tedious and prone to delays. To scale its training and educational offerings across the globe, Roche uses Webcast Elite.

ON24 Life Sciences Benchmarks Report, 2023

With Webcast Elite, Roche can easily produce interactive training events and quickly bring attendees up to speed on its latest developments. And, after engaging with the webinars, attendees can obtain certificates of completion that count toward required continuing education credits.

But most important to Roche are the insights its events generate. With the first-party data collected by ON24, Roche can see where it needs to invest its resources to drive the most impact in healthcare treatments.

Perkin Elmer

Perkin Elmer is a global provider of end-to-end healthcare solutions that help craft personalized drugs, monitor food quality, diagnose diseases and provide scientists, researchers and clinicians with the information they need to drive better patient outcomes.

But to get its products and solutions into the hands of healthcare professionals, Perkin Elmer must ensure its sales force and distributors are up-to-date on the latest tools, techniques and technologies it offers. Typically, this would be done during a sales kickoff event in person, but in-person training is hard to scale and prone to disruptions.

To get around this issue and help it quickly reach and enable its sales force, Perkin Elmer used ON24 Virtual Conference to host its 2022 Service Kickoff. With Virtual Conference, Perkin Elmer delivered an immersive live experience that engaged and educated audiences on the company’s latest offerings.

Perkin Elmer took advantage of several Virtual Conference features to get the most out of the experience. First, it hosted its general sessions, where it laid out its vision for 2022 using Webcast Elite. It also created a Perkin Elmer Expo Hall, where sales representatives could access content and meet with other divisions and teams.

Finally, the company used gamification to encourage employees to explore and interact with the event. Attendees could accumulate points and win prizes for visiting virtual expo hall booths, asking questions through chat and attending in-depth sessions.

Perkin Elmer’s 2022 Service Kickoff wasn’t just a one-off event, though. With on-demand availability, its sales force now has an easy-to-use, always-on hub that representatives can revisit to stay educated on the company’s offerings.


As a supplier to professionals in the life sciences industry, MillaporeSigma must ensure clients know their way around its tools and products.

To keep its audience of researchers and lab technicians up to date, MilleporeSigma produced a series of webinars and digital events. These experiences, powered by Webcast Elite and Engagement Hub, help the company to educate, train and scale the reach of its content to a global audience of busy professionals.

With engagement-based insights provided by ON24, MilleporeSigma can gain a better understanding of which content, material and formats resonate with its audience and boost its overall brand awareness and product adoption.

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ON24 Life Sciences Benchmarks Report, 2023