Life Sciences Digital Engagement Benchmarks 2023

How will Life Sciences companies drive growth in 2023?

HCPs, patients and distributors want more engaging digital experiences — in fact, the latest data shows there’s been a 25% increase in webinar engagement year-over-year.

Join leading Life Science brands as we unveil the “2023 Life Sciences Webinar and Digital Engagement Benchmarks,” where you’ll see new data on audience behaviors and preferences, personalisation trends, on-demand consumption and best practices for creating engaging, industry-compliant experiences.

You’ll learn benchmarks to help you:

  • Engage HCPs and patients at scale with KOL webinars, disease and therapy resource centers, medical roundtables and more
  • Maximize your reach with on-demand experiences
  • Ensure compliance across every experience you deliver
  • Leverage first-party data to accelerate prescribing behavior

Stay ahead of the trends in 2023. Watch now.

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