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Build An Unstoppable Revenue Engine | MOMENTUM ’22

March 16th, 2022

It’s nothing you haven’t heard before: The relationship between sales and marketing is complicated. But this relationship lies at the very core of each organization. Getting that relationship right is essential to drive momentum on revenue.

How can marketers and sales come together to build reach, engage audiences and convert prospects into buyers?

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To help you build and maintain this creative momentum, we’re hosting our first annual partner summit, MOMENTUM ’22.

During this one-day event, taking place on March 30, we and our partner network will show B2B marketing teams, sellers and professionals of all stripes how to build and sustain momentum behind their ideas and turn those ideas into measurable results.

What’s in store for MOMENTUM ’22? We’re going to explore a variety of topics today’s B2B marketers must master to ideate, create and measure high-quality experiences — and a lot more.

Here’s what you can expect:

    • Insights into the data that matters and how you can capitalize on it
    • How to drive effective personalization without overwhelming your audience
    • Tips and tricks for aligning engagement strategy with your experiences — and turning that engagement into sales-ready leads
    • Suggestions on how to unify sales and marketing teams to drive revenue results

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So what can marketers do now to build a revenue engine that works? We asked Allego’s CMO, Wayne St. Amand, what his thoughts are. Here’s what he had to say.

How Marketers Can Build A Revenue Engine: A Q&A With Wayne St. Amand of Allego

Q: What’s one thing organizations can do to create an effective revenue engine?

Amand: As Allego CMO, I’ve seen that one frequently overlooked element of an effective strategy is a collaboration between sales and marketing teams.

Each has a unique POV on the market, personas, competitors, and buyer challenges, and when they work together, the results are simply much stronger. I’ve made it a priority to work closely with our CRO and to sync up our teams.

Q: Are there any hurdles marketing teams should keep in mind when coordinating with sales?

Amand: Marketers play a pivotal role: they produce and provide the content to support reps in moving deals through the sales pipeline. This process, however, is often complicated by misalignment between marketing and sales departments — one of the top pain points sales enablement teams face.

This misalignment can be chalked up to a simple lack of communication, which was always a challenge but is even more so with remote teams.

Q: Got it. How can teams overcome this communications issue?

Amand: The best approach is being open about the need for communication and combining regularly scheduled meetings and informal check-ins. Teams need to talk to each other weekly (if not more often) to figure out what type of content is needed and the most effective way to drive sales.

Keeping an open line for feedback and being proactive about explaining the purpose of each asset can help sellers understand marketing materials and why they’re relevant. Gaining access to customer insights from sellers and new win reports goes a long way to help marketers develop and refine content.

The pandemic has made us rethink many aspects of work, including the marketer-seller relationship. Making it a priority to share insights, finding the right way to communicate, and keeping up with data will bring the two groups closer and make everyone more productive.

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