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Announcing Momentum ’22 | Q&A With Matt Heinz and David Fortino

March 2nd, 2022 Michael Mayday

In their careers, their day-to-day work and across the organization, marketers need momentum. After all, momentum is what pushes professionals forward and inspires them to deliver more results.

To help you build and maintain momentum, we’re hosting our first annual partner summit, MOMENTUM ’22. During this one-day event, taking place on March 30, we and our partner network will show B2B marketing teams, sellers and professionals of all stripes how to build and sustain momentum behind their ideas and turn those ideas into measurable results.

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What’s in store for MOMENTUM ’22? We’re going to explore a variety of topics today’s B2B marketers must master to ideate, create and measure high-quality experiences — and a lot more.

Here’s what you can expect at MOMENTUM ’22:

    • Insights into the data that matters and how you can capitalize on it
    • How to drive effective personalization without overwhelming your audience
    • Tips and tricks for aligning engagement strategy with your experiences — and turning that engagement into sales-ready leads
    • Suggestions on how to unify sales and marketing teams to drive revenue results

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How Marketers Can Build Momentum with Matt Heinz and David Fortino

We know B2B leaders, practitioners and marketers, in general, need to build momentum. Marketers need to shift their careers into gear. Audiences need to be nurtured, activated and engaged. Ideas for great experiences need to get off the ground.

But how?

We sat down with the President and founder of Heinz Marketing, Matt Heinz, and David Fortino, Chief Strategy Office at NetLine, to find out the answers. Here’s what they had to say:

Q: How can marketers put some momentum into their careers?

Matt Heinz:

Learn more. Make it a daily habit. Prioritize a wide variety of topics that interest you. Never assume you have the answers, always assume that the rules of engagement are changing regularly.

Get to know what format works best for you to consume content (written? Audio? Video? Multiple at once?). Literally, schedule time in your calendar to do this on the regular.

David Fortino:

Question how you be part of the solution. Throughout your career, you’ll encounter countless problems requiring solutions. Identifying problems is great. Identifying problems without solutions is less than ideal. Developing the skills and capabilities to triage problems, propose solutions, and efficiently execute is akin to a career fast pass.

Another tactic is to become a customer champion. Do everything in your power to become the voice of your customer. If you talk to a customer once a quarter, aim to make that once per month. If once per month, aim for once per week.

Many Marketers think they know their ICP via persona development and feedback from Sales. That’s not good enough. Your best ideas will come from your customers … I promise you.

In most cases, your client will have no clue that their casual interaction just percolated that little lump of a coal-like hunch festering in the back of your brain to metamorphosize into a diamond-like plan in minutes. Customer Interaction = Marketing Traction.

Q: How can a marketer make a meaningful change in their day-to-day work?

Matt Heinz:

Focus on developing results: The world doesn’t care about activity and quantity anymore. Impact results matter, revenue results matter. Quality over quantity, impact overactivity.

Even if you can’t precisely measure it (or if your tools don’t make it possible), talk in terms of business outcomes that matter. It will stand out, believe me.

David Fortino:

Develop your conviction.  Talk is cheap yet comically plentiful in our space. Marketers love to obfuscate reality through jargon-laden pontifications aimed at posturing towards competitors vs. justifications towards customers.

Deliver content (copy, video, audio, meta) that speaks from the core of your being. Customers can feel integrity and honesty as well as they can detect BS. Speaking with unwavering conviction will gain the trust of your managers, peers, and customers alike. Own it.

Q: What should marketers bear in mind when it comes to developing relationships — both in and out of the organization?

Matt Heinz:

Relationships are important in every aspect of your career. Don’t just collect contacts, actively engage them.

Follow-up, reach out with empathy and value, keep track of and remember the little things. Be an active listener. Ask questions that show you listened and want to hear more. Be interested.

David Fortino:

Pleasing everyone is impossible. That said, a little effort goes a long way in building meaningful relationships across the organization. Genuinely attempt to get into the hearts, minds, and shoes of your colleagues.

This is especially important when working with your Sales team. Commit to spending consistent effort on aligning/shadowing internally to best understand their realities. When times are tough, the groundwork you have laid here will be called upon and referenced.

Want to learn more about how you can build momentum? Join us for MOMENTUM ’22 to learn how you can get more out of your marketing today. Register here.

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