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Abbvie Transforms In-person Events Digitally To Increase Engagement

Learn how Abbvie uses digital experiences to scale engagement globally and go beyond physical events

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How Zoetis receives a 3:1 ROI from ON24 digital experiences

Hear how Zoetis uses digital experiences to explain the intricacies of medical treatments, products and devices

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Align Technology Creates Compelling Live and Always-on Experiences

Learn how Align Technology Scales Medical Device Advanced Learning With ON24 Digital Experiences

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Digital Engagement for Life Sciences that Drives Results

Create meaningful connections with influencers, reps and healthcare providers to inform treatment awareness, technology choices, prescribing decisions and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Reach Busy HCPs

Engage your target audience at scale by creating digital experiences that feature industry experts and KOLs. With always-on experiences, HCPs can access important information on their own time.

Engaging Education

With the ON24 Digital Experience Platform, you can provide useful scientific information, influence with data visualizations or share supplementary information. Engagement and conversion tools allow you to connect and captivate your audience.

Sponsor Continuing Medical Education

Use digital experiences to educate physicians on treatments and the latest scientific information. By providing Continuing Medical Education credits, companies can earn a captive audience and gain trust by providing scientific information.

Ensure Compliance

Satisfy regulatory affairs with secure digital experiences, approval workflows and easily moderated channels of communication. With simu-live recordings or by repurposing live events captured on video, marketers reduce risks & comply with industry regulations.

Captivate Healthcare Providers
Drive Product Awareness
Align Sales and Marketing

Captivate Healthcare Providers

KOL digital experiences are one of the top digital channels preferred by HCPs for accessing medical information. KOL digital experiences provide a digital means for life science marketers to scale reach and deliver the expert, scientific information HCPs want to receive.

Drive Product Awareness

Digital experiences that support product launches can be an important contributor to a new product’s overall success. They also allow you to get to market very quickly, which can be one of the biggest challenges in regulated life science environments.

Align Sales and Marketing

Set your sales reps up for success with live training events that establish alignment on sales strategies, product information and opportunities to respond to questions in real-time. Measure sales readiness with testing and certification options.

Reach and Engage Healthcare Providers

Engage HCPs with ON24 Engagement and Conversion Tools including Q&A, Polls, Surveys, and downloadable resources to give HCPs real-time answers and deepen their educational experience.

Analyze and Understand Attendee Behavior

Understand HCP behavior across every interaction and make that data actionable with insights like engagement scoring and unified reports for sales and marketing.

Build Knowledge Centers of Impactful Content

Host self-serve content portals that provide a library of informational content, accessible to HCPs anytime, anywhere.



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