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ON24 Next Recap: Enter a New Era of Intelligent Engagement

January 24th, 2024 ON24

This is an AI-generated blog based on the ON24 Next event, automatically created through the ON24 Intelligent Engagement Platform’s AI-powered ACE

Today, the quest for innovative solutions that drive growth is paramount. Companies, regardless of the industry, are harnessing the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) to amplify their marketing efforts, enhance customer engagement and boost revenue.

The secret to their success is deeply rooted in AI’s capabilities to innovate and customize user experiences. To do so, businesses need to optimize their marketing strategies by leveraging AI-powered technologies. That’s why ON24 has launched the ON24 Intelligent Engagement Platform. The platform transforms basic marketing elements — content, audience, and creative channel insights — into personalized experiences that resonate with customers.

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As a result, businesses are not only able to tap into their best-performing channels and content but also generate profound insights that enable their sales and marketing teams to take data-driven actions and build better customer relationships.  This strategic approach to marketing will be instrumental in driving sustainable growth and tangible ROI.

Vision Keynote: The Future of Engagement is Intelligent

ON24 CEO Sharat Sharan

AI enables digital marketers to reimagine the customer experience by creating hyper-personalized dynamic content at scale. According to a survey by Boston Consulting Group, nearly two-thirds of CMOs are focusing on using AI for personalized content.

But AI’s potential extends beyond content creation. It’s also our new data analyst, unlocking immense value from our data and providing real-time understanding of customers. Moreover, AI improves team productivity with automated workflows and AI-assisted tasks, leading to a significant uplift in workplace productivity.

The potential for AI to accelerate revenue growth is tremendous. It improves the ROI of your sales and marketing and gives your business a competitive advantage. This is the driving force behind ON24 AI innovation and platform roadmap.

While ON24 has already helped customers transform webinar channels into a top-performing revenue generation strategy and deliver innovations that power millions of experiences,  ON24 has evolved its platform beyond webinars, adding new virtual event and content marketing capabilities. 

The experiences ON24 powers provide unique B2B interactions that tell you the business interests, buying intent, and digital behavior of your audience. This data is the fuel you need to understand your customers, innovate experiences and drive greater growth. Now, ON24 is building on that foundation to help B2B sales and marketers transform with AI and has launched the ON24 Intelligent Engagement Platform. 

ON24 Next OD

Introducing the ON24 Intelligent Engagement Platform

Jayesh ON24 Next

Consider a hypothetical company, CloudTek, which is at a pivotal point in their business. They’re moving upmarket, trying to break into bigger enterprise accounts with over 1,000 employees, focusing first on the financial services sector. To achieve their goals, CloudTek needs a new way to engage different audiences.

What CloudTek needs to do is transition from generic one-size-fits-all experiences to personalized experiences, from a two-month lead time for new content to immediate production and repurposing, and from superficial lead data on a spreadsheet to real-time actionable insights.

Personalization and advanced segmentation

This transformation starts with audience segmentation, which CloudTek executes by dividing their audience by three different criteria for personalization at the account and contact level:

    • Industry
    • Company size
    • Role

With the ON24 Intelligent Engagement Platform and AI-powered personalization capabilities, CloudTek sets up these three segments.

Now, when an executive prospect from a large financial services company visits CloudTek’s Resource Center on their website, the ON24 Intelligent Engagement Platform dynamically adjusts, recommending additional resources specific to financial services and sharing solutions relevant to the enterprise.

This level of personalization continues throughout the prospect’s engagement with CloudTek, from signing up for an exclusive webinar to receiving follow-up emails.

Create nurture content with generative AI & Key Moment analytics

The AI-powered platform also works in the background to automatically produce more assets from CloudTek’s presentation.  With the AI-Powered Analytics and Content Engine, CloudTek can quickly generate a summary, a transcript, an e-book and a blog entry right after the event is over.

Producing written content this fast is a game changer, allowing the company to make the most of its high-value material. The ON24 platform also takes the first-party audience engagement data and combines it with AI-driven analysis of the content to produce a heat map of the company’s virtual event.

Based on that heat map, the AI-powered ACE automatically extracts the most important video highlights from the presentation as individual video clips. These clips can then be published on a landing page, providing a whole new experience to nurture attendees and convert no-shows.

Dynamically adapt as you learn more about your audience

The ON24 Intelligent Engagement platform continues to learn and adapt as more engagement data is gathered. It adapts content and messaging across experiences in real-time, gaining knowledge about each individual and audience segment.

This information is then fed back to the marketing automation platform, CRM, and business system for the go-to-market teams to action. Every interaction is being captured, analyzed and shared across the sales and marketing teams, enabling them to have more intelligent conversations and accelerate pipeline.

The era of intelligent engagement is here

The era of AI transformation is poised to redefine the future of business. The correlation is clear: More engagement yields more data, which in turn, drives greater results. Embrace this exciting new phase with our AI-powered platform, specifically designed to enhance your speed, intelligence and efficiency.

This revolutionary approach to digital engagement enables you to interact with your audience with greater intelligence; and it paves the way for tangible revenue growth. By harnessing the power of AI, you can unlock your business’s full potential.

Moreover, ON24 Intelligent Engagement Platform empowers businesses to scale experiences that are hyper-personalized, automate continuous engagement and deliver connected insights. The result is a significant impact on audience engagement, marketing optimization, and, ultimately, revenue growth.

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