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ON24 Enhances HubSpot Integration

June 26th, 2023 Michael Mayday

Marketers know integrating data across your organization — from MAPs to CRMs — is critical for success. That’s especially true with first-party engagement data, which can help you personalize the prospect journey and empower your sales teams to more effectively drive pipeline and close deals. 

ON24 Connect allows customers to connect ON24 data with an organization’s wider martech stack. 

Today, we’re taking a deep dive into the ON24 integration with HubSpot.

What the ON24 integration with HubSpot does

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The ON24 integration with HubSpot seamlessly sends data from ON24 solutions — like ON24 Webcast Elite, ON24 Engagement Hub and ON24 Target — to HubSpot so marketing and sales teams can quickly take action and move prospects further down the funnel. Data shared between the two platforms include: 

Contact information – Including first and last name, company, job title and more from ON24 registrations. 

Attendee activity – Including engagement data, prospect engagement profiles, registration, and attendance history. 

Custom objects – Available for HubSpot Enterprise customers, this feature allows you to share data on custom objects within your ON24 digital experiences with your HubSpot CRM.

Timeline events – which allows you to create lists, trigger workflows and update scoring based on attendees’ behavior in an ON24 environment. 

Altogether, the data shared between ON24 and HubSpot empowers you to take full advantage of the ON24 platform, its data and HubSpot’s automation capabilities. That means your marketing and sales teams can quickly and accurately target activity to where a prospect is in the buying journey and drive deals to a close. 

What you can do with the ON24 HubSpot integration 


The bidirectional nature of this integration empowers marketers to use the tools they’re most familiar with while preserving the first-party engagement data they need to take action. This integration also enables you to: 

Enrich data

Provide sales and marketing teams with additional insights through engagement scores and custom objects. Keep your data clean and remove duplicate contact with direct data flow. 

Trigger actions 

Through this integration, marketers can use an attendee’s behavior to trigger workflows within HubSpot within minutes so you can capitalize on intent, engagement and interest.  

Personalize outreach 

Use key information from an attendee’s behavior in ON24 and incorporate it into your HubSpot Score for easier and more accurate segmentation. You can also use this integration to trigger personalized follow-up actions like issuing demo requests or creating custom CTAs. 

By integrating ON24 with HubSpot, sales and marketing teams can have a complete overview of all the activities and experiences they’re putting in front of customers and prospects.

How you can learn more about the ON24 HubSpot integration

Interested in bringing ON24 and HubSpot together? You have a variety of options at your disposal. You can: 

      • Contact Us – If you’re an ON24 and HubSpot customer, simply reach out to your CMS to discuss how you can take advantage of this integration. 
      • Learn More – Head on over to the HubSpot App Marketplace to learn more about how this integration and how you can get started. 
      • See how it works – Check out our knowledge center to learn more about how quickly and easily you can connect these two platforms.
      • Connect everything – An integrated martech stack is a happy martech stack. You can learn more about all the integrations ON24 offers on our Connect page or by contacting your CSM.