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ON24 Enhances HubSpot Integration

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In December 2021, we announced a powerful integration connecting ON24 with the HubSpot CRM. The integration enabled CRM users to enrich lead data and update contacts based on real-time event registration and attendee activities in ON24.

What HubSpot Users Can Expect from ON24’s Integration

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Today, that integration is being enhanced. This means that you’ll be able to do more with HubSpot and ON24 in three “big picture” ways.

We’re making it easier to enrich marketing data. This integration will make it easier for HubSpot users to keep databases updated with the latest engagement and conversion data from ON24.

We’re making it possible to automate workflows and trigger actions. With this updated integration, you can now sync intent data from certain ON24 engagement tools – like a request for a demo, meeting, or even attendance data – to trigger follow-up actions from your marketing or sales team.

We’re making it easier to optimize and personalize. Want to up your personalization game? No sweat. This integration update will update your customer profiles and segment lists based on ON24 engagement data, empowering your marketing and sales teams to reach out with the right message and content.

What Else Will The HubSpot/ON24 Integration Do?

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Big picture aside, what will this integration update enable you to do? Here’s a breakdown:

Create Timeline Events for Registration and Attendance

ON24 will now send timeline events to HubSpot. Using this feature will allow you to create lists, set workflow triggers, update scoring criteria and more for contacts who register and attend ON24 events.

Capture Engagement and Conversion Data In ON24 Custom Object Records

For contacts who register and attend ON24 events, you can now create ON24 custom object records. Using this integration feature will empower you to take action on ON24 engagement data through list segmentation, workflow triggers, cross-object reports and more in HubSpot.

Capture New Contacts From ON24 Registrants

Captured new contacts? Now you can create new contacts in HubSpot and keep your database in sync with the latest activities and registrant data from ON24 programs and events.

Create Marketing Events Records From ON24 Events

Create consistency between ON24 and HubSpot by creating Marketing Events records. Doing so will allow you to associate Contacts with Marketing Events and indicate which Contacts register and attend.