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5 New Digital Experience Features You Can’t Live Without

June 28th, 2022 Jade Shojaee

Webinars and virtual events give you so many opportunities to engage with your audience. From polls to Q&As to multimedia content offers and more, there is virtually (pun intended) no limit to what you can achieve with digital experiences at the heart of your marketing.

ON24 makes it easy to build engagement into the DNA of every experience you deliver, and turn that engagement into the actionable first-party insights you need to convert prospects into customers.

With the right combination of engagement and interactivity, you can accelerate the buying journey and make it easier for sales teams to close deals. But what are the right engagement tools, and how should you use them?

We’ve compiled a list of five ON24 features you cannot live without.

Closed Captioning

Female looking at laptop

Success in this new normal means finding ways to engage broader audiences with digital experiences that everyone can access and enjoy. ON24’s Closed Captioning and auto-translation capabilities make it easy to engage audiences across the globe and with various content consumption needs and preferences.

The ON24 Closed Captioning feature allows you to:

    • Incorporate automated or human-powered captioning for live or on-demand webinars
    • Ensure your content meets compliance and accessibility needs
    • Easily edit captions to ensure accuracy and clarity
    • Leverage auto-translation of captions to scale globally

Seamless Registration

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Capturing form fills to collect valuable information about your audiences is important. But lengthy, redundant registration experiences are a sure-fire way to deter prospects from signing up for your webinars and virtual events.

Offering seamless registration allows you to:

    • Enable audiences to register for multiple webinars at a time with a single click
    • Pre-register returning visitors
    • Personalize the registration experience for target audiences
    • Remove barriers to content consumption

Content Recommendations

Engagement Hub - Lifestyle_500x300

ON24’s AI Content Recommendation Engine makes it easy to deliver personalized content that keeps buyers on continuous journeys with your brand and generates the insights you need to set sales teams up for success.

Every time a prospect engages with your content, ON24 captures valuable first-party data that fuels the ON24 AI Engine and integrates seamlessly with your CRM and marketing automation tools to unify all of your data, trigger sales action, personalize messaging and optimize workflows.


Discover ON24 Breakouts

In a digital world, nothing is more important than the connections we make and the relationships we build. But sparking meaningful two-way conversations within digital experiences can be challenging.

ON24 Breakouts allows you to “break out” into one-on-one meetings or small group conversations directly from your webinars and virtual events, making it easier than ever to:

    • Bridge the marketing and sales relationship and hand off leads to sales for 1:1 discussions.
    • Generate peer-to-peer networking opportunities.
    • Create a unique brand experience and deeper connections between speakers or subject matter experts and audiences.

Custom CTAs

An example of a custom CTA.

No matter how engaging our webinars and virtual events are, success is ultimately determined by their ability to drive pipeline conversion. ON24 makes it easy for attendees to convert by offering customized Calls to Action (CTA) that drive ongoing engagement and put them on a path to revenue.

This can include links to download additional content offers, register for upcoming events, book sales meetings, watch a demo, sign up for a free trial and more.

The best part is that all audience interactions with the CTA tools are captured within the ON24 analytics dashboard, so you can track conversion and better understand your audience’s interest and intent.

Virtual Backgrounds

Virtual backgrounds.

When it comes to webinars and virtual events, sometimes the smallest detail makes all the difference. Especially in a webinar-from-home world where a dimly-lit, messy shelf is not necessarily the best background.

By incorporating dynamic virtual backgrounds, you can feel confident that you’re delivering a polished, professional look and feel from any room in the house.


ON24 reactions.

Modern audiences respond and react to the world through emojis. We laugh, we cry, we high-five — and even dance — when inspired.

ON24 now enables audiences to react to your content with emojis, opening the door for them to react, share and enjoy a content experience together. And, even a simple emoji can reveal a signal of interest.

For example, if your webinar presenter showcases a new product feature an attendee is excited about, they can respond with a positive emoji that ON24 will automatically store in that attendee’s Prospect Engagement Profile (PEP), giving you even more insight into your audience.