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Magento Sales Pipeline Jumps by 847% With Revamped Webinar Program

October 4th, 2021 Andrea Bartman

Online shopping and marketplaces have certain built-in advantages over its brick and mortar store brethren. They’re fast, easy-to-use and can connect with virtually anyone anywhere.

That’s because of e-commerce platforms like Magento. Magento in particular provides businesses with a cloud-based marketplace for e-commerce tools and extensions in addition to facilitating digital commerce.

The team at Magento knows businesses have many e-commerce platforms to choose from. So, to set itself apart from the crowd, Magento provides exceptional customer service with webinars playing a crucial role in its customer experience.

But the webinar program at the time wasn’t living up to Magento’s high standards or expectations. That’s why the team decided to adopt the ON24 platform.

With ON24, Magento has seen:

    • An 847% pipeline increase for business opportunities
    • Better customer retention and upselling opportunities
    • A 99% approval rate of Magento webinars
    • A 7% increase in attendees returning to Magento for multiple events

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Read on to learn more about how Magento mastered its move to ON24.

Magento’s Webinar Concerns 

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Magento’s webinar program sought to inspire and support customers and prospects in identifying their ideal e-commerce business and then help make it a reality. Sharing information and educating prospects and customers on details of the platform was the main priority.

When the team evaluated their existing webinar program and compared it to their ideal webinar strategy, they found several areas needing to be reworked for the program to flourish.

    • American-based webinars – All of the webinars Magento produced were based in the U.S. With a global audience. This meant webinars didn’t air live to international time zones and the content wasn’t always relevant to customers and businesses in other regions. It also meant the company wasn’t following its own advice on how marketing to international customers isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation.
    • No webinar strategy – Magento’s webinars were created as one-off events when topics became relevant. Without a larger webinar strategy that aligns with the company’s marketing goals, the webinars often seemed random and didn’t work toward achieving larger organizational goals like building pipeline, enabling business partners or accelerating sales conversions.
    • Lack of on-demand capabilities – The webinar tool Magento used at the time did not offer on-demand capabilities. This was especially problematic with a global audience not available during a U.S. broadcast time and meant the lost out on on-demand viewers. The lack of on-demand functionality also meant loss in sales conversions and missed opportunities to build relationships.
    • Lost leads – Digital experiences help leads progress through the sales funnel more quickly than traditional sales touches. With singular live webinars as the main digital opportunity to connect with prospective customers, leads were getting stuck at the top of the funnel or falling off altogether. Because of this, Magento was struggling to build a quality pipeline and lost revenue.

How Magento Recreated Its Webinar Program

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Since joining ON24, Magento’s overhauled webinar program has eliminated its old pain points.

The team created the Magento Accelerator Webinar Series which teaches Magento users to understand customer needs, how to use those customer needs to improve the buying journey and how to increase sales from online to offline.

To ensure its providing users with the best experience, the team at Magento takes advantage of ON24’s branding capabilities. Doing so helped it capture audience attention, engage attendees visually and emphasized the company’s brand identity.

Magento also had to have its content available to its international audiences. So, it developed a resource center where customers and prospects could browse information, view webinars on-demand, and see promotions for upcoming live events.

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The life of content is also extended by being repurposed in public relations, blogs, lead nurturing efforts and promos for upcoming events.

Within Magento’s webinars and other live events, the ON24 platform offers several audience interaction tools that foster engagement such as Q&As, polls and surveys which are built into the webinar platform.

The engagement tools, particularly the Q&A, allow customers and prospects to receive personal attention at a massive scale leading to a quicker transition through the stages of the buying journey.

Now, Magento produces high-quality, professional and polished webinars that ensure a quality audience experience at all times. Users from around the world are equally included and have the same experience no matter where or when they choose to attend.

How Magento’s Webinars Drove Results

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With Magento’s new webinar program in place, the company’s pipeline has jumped by 847%. This increase happened three times faster with the new ON24 powered webinar program than with Magento’s previous webinar tool.

In addition to being able to better educate its customers and prospects, Magento has seen better customer retention and upselling opportunities since switching to the ON24 platform. In fact, more than 99% of Magento attendees say they’ve found the organization’s webinars helpful, with 7% of registrants returning for multiple events.

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