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How Optum Increased MQLs by 300% with ON24

September 29th, 2021 Jade Shojaee

Optum is a leading health services innovation company dedicated to helping people live healthier lives and making the health system work better for everyone.

To reach audiences around the world, Optum delivers educational webinars to showcase products and services and drive conversion. But its existing webinar platform made it hard to identify its best leads, and even harder to empower sales teams and trigger effective follow-up.

The result? Conversion rates suffered. Manual lead-data entry slowed the team down, and a lack of audience insights led to impersonal follow-up and slower sales cycles.

The team needed a platform that would:

    • Help them engage audiences
    • Capture better data
    • Turn that data into actionable insights
    • Integrate seamlessly with the rest of their tech stack

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That’s why Alena Larson (Sr. Director of Demand Generation at Optum) and her team turned to the ON24 platform. Since working with ON24, Optum has:

    • Achieved an overall 300% lift in MQLs with live and on-demand webinars
    • Expanded its webinar program, now hosting 200+ global webinars per year
    • Regained 35% of churned audiences
    • Increased MQL count by 30% with on-demand experiences

Read on to learn how Optum levered the ON24 platform to attract quality leads and drive conversion.

Wider Reach, Better Leads, More Data

Webinerd funnel

“We came to ON24 with the problem of scaling our digital campaigns, lead scoring and integrating our tech stack. Since then, it has very much been a partnership between Optum and ON24,” said Larson. “Working together has been easy and now we are seeing the results come to fruition.”

ON24’s 20+ built-in webinar engagement tools helped the team turn passive audiences into active participants who could be easily tracked across the many touchpoints built into each experience.

Polls, Q&A, content offers, and 1:1 and group-breakout conversations created opportunities for audiences to engage at a deeper level, ultimately helping the team capture attendee intent signals and identify high-converting touchpoints.

The ability to integrate ON24 with its marketing automation platform (Eloqua) opened up a world of possibilities for the Optum marketing team. By automating data transfers, they were able to streamline the registration process to maximize attendee count, implement new lead scoring models to capture and aggregate data and spark more effective sales conversations.

No more spreadsheets, no more transferring information from app to app and no more cold calls with low-quality leads.

Continuous Content Journeys for Year-Round Conversion

A webinerd and her community dancing happily in a virtual circle

As marketers, we work hard to create engaging experiences that get, and keep, the attention of time-strapped audiences. Why should the results of all that work end when the webinar does?

Optum extends the life of its content to drive year-round lead generation by making every experience available in its fully-branded content library. Audiences who can’t make the live event can tune in whenever they want and still engage with all the interactive elements of the webinar, allowing the team to lead-score even their on-demand visitors.

The Results
A webinerd celebrating success.

Since working with ON24, Optum has expanded its webinar program and now hosts 200+ global webinars per year. Through this expanded program, Optum has better insight into the customer journey, improved sales handoffs and higher conversion rates.

Additionally, by implementing an on-demand strategy, Optum regained 35% of audiences who were previously unable to access their content, resulting in a 20% increase in MQLs from on-demand webinars. Coupled with its live audience, Optum has seen an overall 300% lift in webinar-generated MQLs.

When it comes to generating leads, most marketers think you can either have quality or quantity. With ON24, Optum has proven you really can have it all.