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How Lacework’s Webinars Generated $1.1 Million In Pipeline

October 18th, 2021 Andrea Bartman

In 2020, according to Forbes, there was a ransomware victim every ten seconds. That’s more than three million attacks on businesses over the course of 12 months. And, unfortunately, malware, phishing and ransomware attacks will likely continue to rise in frequency.

For Lacework, this means it’s imperative that both customers and prospects understand how to deal with cybersecurity threats. To help, the company provides a cloud-based, data-driven security platform for compliance checks and automated threat defenses.

To help further cultivate its market, Lacework’s marketing team decided to make smart use of webinars. With a sophisticated webinar program in place, the company drove demand and pipeline through a variety of digital events like:

  • Customer education webinars
  • Training and tutorials on Lacework products
  • Discussions over cybersecurity issues and other thought leadership topics

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Since switching to ON24, the company has seen:

    • 30% quarter-over-quarter growth in webinar-driven pipeline
    • $1.1 M in sourced pipeline from webinars in Q2 of 2020
    • An average of 250 registrations per webinar; up from 30 registrations previously which is an 833% increase
    • A 69% registration to attendee conversion rate
    • 69% of audience members say they would recommend the webinar program

Here’s how Lacework reworked its webinar program to produce stellar results:

Lacework Went All-In On Digital Events

Hybrid events can drive a variety of opportunities, especially with event sponsors.

While Lacework participated in tradeshows and webinars, neither effort made much of an impact on pipeline. The company’s previous webinar software lacked robust data and marketing automation integration, hindering its ability to measure webinar-created demand.

Lacework’s previous webinar platform also limited its ability to brand its own webinar experience. The limits on customization meant the company was limited in crafting a branded experience for registrants or attendees.

Additionally, Lacework wasn’t able to edit or brand landing pages for its events — significantly limiting its ability to optimize webinar conversions. There was another issue: previous webinars weren’t automatically made available for on-demand viewing.

Without easy-to-create on-demand webinars, Lacework couldn’t empower audiences to binge its own content. Its events and content were also presented alongside similar topics on another website — including its competitors.

To add salt to the wound, the webinar solution it used would sometimes break down in the middle of an event.

Lacework Reinvented Its Webinar Program…

Webinerd repairing

Once Lacework’s contract ended, it turned to ON24 Webcast Elite. Its first goal? To revamp its digital experiences — starting with its webinar program.

Digital experiences are a critical touchpoint in the buyer’s journey. Done well, they provide organizations with critical insights into audience pain points, interests and likelihood to convert.

With the ON24 Platform, Lacework made webinars its digital transformation vanguard — starting with its monthly, live thought leadership series.

With Integrated Emails

With ON24, Lacework improved its overall conversion rate to webinars, going from a few dozen to hundreds of registrants. That’s because ON24 integrated into the company’s email solution, streamlining its ability to email webinar invitations and event reminders.

With Engagement Tools

Once registrants are at a Lacework event — fully customized and branded, by the way — they’re invited to engage with it.

Lacework encourages this interactivity with ON24-powered engagement tools. These can include a media player, resource list, surveys, polls chats and various call-to-action prompts.

The company also ensures that attendees can initiate a conversation with its sales team from almost anywhere. This is especially true for the content listed in its resource list. By doing so, the company ensures it can maintain as many leads as possible.

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With On-Demand Viewing

Those that can’t attend the event live can watch it on-demand almost immediately after the live event concludes. Lacework even offers a personalized experience for live and on-demand customers and prospects by making similar content easy to find and binge.

With Advanced Analytics

Webinars provide brands with a lot of high-quality first-person data. Analyzing and understanding buyer intent is central to Lacework’s webinar program. ON24 makes this analysis simple by baking it directly into the platform.

With this data in hand, the Lacework team can know which sales reps, advertising channels, emails or social posts drive registrations. They can also learn who’s the most interested in Lacework’s solutions and even follow up with curious attendees who may have had a question or two during the event.

With ON24’s data insights, Lacework can create personalized follow-up communications that help accelerate leads into deals.

Lacework’s Webinar Success

A webinerd celebrating success.

Since teaming up with ON24 to power their webinar program, Lacework uses on-demand viewing to nurture prospects through the buying journey. Content is also reused and repurposed to gain additional value and allow the team to create new touchpoints and opportunities with prospects and customers.

Prior to joining ON24, Lacework used to produce one webinar per quarter but now that number has risen to more than three quality events per quarter. Webinar registration has also increased by more than 800% with an average of 250 people compared to 30 previously.

Lacework’s pipeline has seen 30% quarter-over-quarter growth from webinars and sourced $1.1 million in Q2 of 2020.

The marketing team also receives positive feedback from participants who appreciate the event quality and engagement opportunities. In fact, 69% say they’d recommend Lacework’s webinars to others.

Lacework’s team has plans to continue scaling the webinar program as they become more verticalized. Along with more webinars per month, the team is expecting demand and pipeline to grow too.

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