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How Generative AI can Enhance Post-Webinar Activity

April 11th, 2024 Andrew Warren-Payne

For years, marketers have used a variety of tools and solutions to compute data and predict how they can best engage audiences after a webinar concludes.

Optimizing Engagement: How to Maximize Results Across the Campaign Lifecycle with AI

But getting from raw data to action items can be a very manual process. That intelligence has now been integrated into webinar platforms to help analyze audience participation, find the highest intent prospects, and deliver better outcomes.

Prioritizing event follow-up

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By analyzing audience behaviors, including viewing duration, poll responses, questions asked, content downloads and CTAs clicked, digital marketing teams can use AI to qualify and score prospects, identifying where there is both interest and genuine intent. This data can be instantly integrated into marketing automation and CRM systems, bringing insights for sales to action. 

Furthermore, to support sales or other GTM functions in follow-up post events, emails can be created from the webinar transcript with custom offers based on the business interest of audience segments.

ON24 Solution Spotlight: Enable Your Sales Teams with ON24 Intelligence Business Interest Cloud


For sales teams to be successful, they need to win the interest of buyers and start conversations. Having the right messages and offering the right content is essential in making any outreach and resulting discussion as effective as possible. With the ON24 Intelligence Business Interest Cloud, sales reps can see exactly what themes and content have interested an individual buyer and make recommendations on content to share — helping them to create more opportunities and close more deals.

Generating new content

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According to research from the Content Marketing Institute, 42% of marketers state that access to subject matter experts is a top challenge in creating more content. Leveraging the expertise of SMEs from webinars and taking advantage of AI to create new content types is solving this marketing challenge. As a bonus, it also improves the ROI of event content. 

The top strategic opportunities for derivative content include:  

Promotional content: Some 42% of an audience for a given experience watches on-demand vs. live, making promoting on-demand webinars a top priority. AI can be used to promote the on-demand version of a webinar by identifying key moments in the presentation by analyzing where there was maximum engagement. These key moments can then be turned into short promotional videos which, in turn, can be used across marketing channels, in paid ads, or embedded on landing pages to continue to drive viewers long after the live event is over.  

Derivative content. AI can also turn webinars into foundational content that can be leveraged to power entire campaigns. Using transcripts of webinars, new pieces of content — including e-books, white papers, blog posts and social posts — can be generated. Teams can also use AI to analyze the event transcript to pull impactful speaker quotes which can be used for future event promotions and as supporting content in reports.  

Optimizing Engagement: How to Maximize Results Across the Campaign Lifecycle with AI

ON24 Solution Spotlight: AI-Generated Content Through Smart Plays

Turning webinars and virtual events into written content is an excellent way to make the most out of your efforts. However, most marketers do not have the time required to do this. With ON24 Smart Plays in Webcast Elite, marketers can automatically generate a blog post, e-book and transcript from any recorded event. These assets are then available to anyone within Media Manager and can be edited, formatted and published directly to Engagement Hub — driving even more engagement with less effort.

Opportunities for AI to generate promotional and derivative content
Blog posts, recaps and summaries Blog posts, recaps and summaries are an excellent way to drive both additional on-demand views and to engage buyers outside an experience. Generative AI that is embedded within tools such as ON24 Media Manager can use transcripts of recorded events to rapidly create derivative content from earlier events. Such content can also be used to encourage sign-ups for additional sessions, whether in the future or available immediately for on-demand viewing.
E-books Event recordings are a great way to share lots of detail and visual examples with an audience, especially for product webinars and sessions led by subject matter experts. But writing down such detail can be time consuming. Fortunately, today’s generative AI can use event content to automatically create detailed e-books — a functionality that is also present in ON24 Media Manager.
Email nurtures Email remains a top tactic for driving content consumption, including on-demand event viewing. Tools such as ON24 SmartText can quickly take transcripts from existing events to create email nurtures and follow ups to maximize engagement.
Social media Engagement with social media is always higher when accompanied by an image or video clip, however it can be time consuming to create assets for multiple platforms. Tools such as Adobe Express can quickly generate such assets to save time, allowing for the production of more high-quality promotional material.
Sales snippets and quotes With AI, it’s no longer necessary to listen to an entire event to surface pithy quotes or top tips. Transcripts and automated captions generated by AI can be fed into large language model tools to surface soundbites that can be used for sales snippets in social selling and quotes for future marketing.
Videos and video snippets Recorded content can be repurposed into brand new on-demand event recordings, added as clips for future presentations, or used to create snackable, short-form content that can easily be consumed by busy buyers. These clips can also be used in targeted, personalized content hubs. ON24 Video Builder makes it easy for anyone to create such content.
Ad copy When marketers are under pressure, creating compelling ad copy can be a challenge — especially if multiple versions are needed for conversion optimization. Copywriting tools such as Jasper, and Writer can all rapidly create ad copy to use in campaigns.


Using insights to close the loop

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Given how long attendees engage with virtual events and webinars, their interactions produce a huge volume of data. But such data isn’t just a record of who attended or how long they stayed; it’s a roadmap showing what your audience liked and didn’t. Knowing exactly how each part of a session performed can be a difficult task. By employing AI, we can interpret this data more effectively, making it easier to refine future events.

AI tools can highlight patterns in how attendees engage with content. For instance, if many people leave during a particular session at a particular time, that’s a sign that the content at that point needs a rethink. On the flip side, if a session sees a spike in interaction or positive feedback, it’s worth considering why and replicating its features in future events.

AI can take the wide range of engagement data that is captured during an event to highlight exactly what worked and what didn’t. This can then be used to adapt and tailor upcoming content accordingly. Furthermore, the most engaging moments of an event can be used as the basis for video clips, quotes and highlights.

In simple terms, using AI helps you make sense of your event data. By understanding past performance, you can better plan for the future, making sure your content remains relevant and engaging for your audience.

ON24 Solution Spotlight: ON24 Intelligence Key Moments report

Key moment

Even if an event performs exceptionally well, knowing exactly what resonated with the audience can be a challenge without the right tech. 

By assessing a wide range of engagement signals and producing a heat map, the ON24 Intelligence Key Moments report shows exactly which content resulted in the most interest. Learn more in this on-demand session

Use AI to take your content futher

Artificial intelligence can power the entire event lifecycle from ideation, promotion, content creation and all the way to audience engagement. AI can also help analyze audience behavior, identify buyer intent, uncover key cohorts and personalize follow-up. 

The deeper the engagement, the more marketers can learn about audiences. And, the more you learn about audiences, the better you can personalize the next experience for specific segments; creating a flywheel effect that completely transforms driving growth in a digital world.  

The intelligence may be artificial, but the results are very real. 

Optimizing Engagement: How to Maximize Results Across the Campaign Lifecycle with AI