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Five Examples of Webinars That Engage

March 5th, 2024 Lauren Teneriello

The webinar marketing dream is to deliver such an engaging event that viewers come back for more again and again.

But what do engaging events even look like? How can you build one and get audiences to interact with your brand after that?

Webinars and Virtual Events that Rocked 2023

Have no fear. We have five excellent webinar examples that show you how you can engage audiences and deliver results.

Let’s dive in:

S&P Global — hitting the engagement jackpot

An S&P Global Webinar

S&P Global, the well-known creator of financial market indices, set out to discuss potential solutions to ongoing credit and market risks throughout Europe. S&P Global’s webinar, Reaching New Altitudes: Conquering Credit & Risk Challenges in Europe, used ON24 to design digital experiences that kept viewers engaged.

S&P Global aimed to provide a unique experience that differed from their standard webinars. The team capitalized on their creativity and used ON24’s customization capabilities to align with event branding.

For example, all the speakers had the same motivating image on their console: a hiker on a stunning mountaintop that correlated well with their “New Heights” title. S&P Global’s lobby page, email notifications and console were all branded to maintain the same look and feel. They also created an ON24 guide video that played during the webinar intermission, and in the lobby, to help the audience learn how to navigate the platform.

And when it came to engagement, S&P pulled out all the stops. The team included surveys, a related content library and a chat with a market intelligence bot.

The result? S&P Global targeted a larger audience and tripled their registrants compared to their in-person event. The event’s live attendance met their expectations and their MQLs doubled.

Capabilities used:

    • Survey
    • Resource list
    • Webinar CTAs
    • AI-powered chat

Global X—personalization and customization at scale

Global X

Global X, the international investment management company, wanted to increase engagement and encourage webinar viewers to return for CPD accreditation. With the help of ON24’s webinar capabilities, the team created a comprehensive console so that viewers felt as if they were watching the webinar from India. The console’s image included a window with a direct view of the Taj Mahal.

To keep audiences engaged, Global X used engagement tools such as customized poll questions to help prep their sales teams for follow-up calls. The team also utilized a pop-up ‘take action’ feature at the end of the webinar which allowed viewers to email the sales team for more information. The pop-up provided a valuable new source of qualified and high-value leads.

Global X saw a great outcome including an increase of:

    • Qualified leads (by 22%)
    • CTA conversions
    • Engagement scores
    • Click-throughs to resources including additional content

Capabilities used:

    • Polls
    • Q&A chat
    • Certification
    • Webinar CTAs

Husch Blackwell—good vibes only

Husch Blackwell

With the help of ON24, Husch Blackwell, a law firm focused on various industries including education and health care, presented its webinar, The Power of You. Husch Blackwell kept audiences engaged by featuring a speaker with lived experience to make the content personable and authentic.

The team also used the attendee chat function so the audience could engage with the speaker during his motivational talk. This webinar’s positive messaging helped ignite inspiration for both the attorneys and business professionals who were participating in the full firm retreat.

Since the retreat was a first of its kind for an American-Law top 100 firm, the team needed a top-notch engagement experience that sought to bring audience members together — no matter where or when they were watching. By including an attendee chat function, reaction emojis and a custom console, Husch Blackwell encouraged live reactions and lots of audience participation.

The result was that viewers were left with a sense of community, and were encouraged to participate in future webinar events.

Capabilities used:

    • Q&A chat
    • Webinars
    • Attendee chat
    • Real-time reactions

Tata Consultancy Services—allies of diversity


Tata Consultancy Services, the IT, consulting, and business solutions organization, hosted its webinar, Allies of Diversity, to discuss both the challenges and benefits that companies experience when embracing a culture of inclusivity. With ON24’s webinar capability, the company built a colorful console that embraced TCS’ look and feel.

TCS used ON24 to include a Q&A box so that viewers could submit questions throughout the presentation. The Q&A box encouraged a dialogue between the CIOs and the audience. Viewers were also able to express their thoughts using emoji reactions. At the end of the webinar, they could complete a survey that gave direct feedback to the TCS team.

The audience took full advantage of these engagement initiatives, and TCS counted more than:

    • 990 registrations
    • 700+ attendees
    • +70% participation, across 20 organizations in 30 different countries

Viewers were invited to share their experiences via their social media platforms by using the share button at the bottom of their screen. Above all, the feedback that the team received showed the many successful personal interactions that took place between the audience and the CIOs.

Capabilities used:

    • Q&A chat
    • Survey
    • Real-time reactions

Kaspersky—relationship building that drives results


Kaspersky, the international cyber security provider, wanted to help organizations enhance, transform and future-proof cyber resilience capabilities. The webinar, Staying Ahead with Cyber Resilience, was presented both at an in-person conference and via live streaming. Virtual viewers felt as if they were right there in the room with the rest of the attendants.

The team’s webinar was a success as they used ON24-powered webinars to make an impressive console that included a cyber tech look and feel, while a figure running forward echoed the webinar’s title “staying ahead.”

The webinar was full of engagement opportunities: viewers could answer questions and participate in polls that asked them to list some of their top IT concerns. Attendants could ask questions, schedule a demo, request a call and access other content from the resource list.

While exploring all the console had to offer, viewers could also “save their seat” for additional Kaspersky webinars, allowing for future engagement.

Capabilities used:

    • Q&A Chat
    • Webinar CTAs
    • Resource list
    • On-demand events
    • Book-a-Meeting CTA

Webinars and Virtual Events that Rocked 2023