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Feature Friday: Consistent Viewing Experiences in Engagement Hub and Target

December 4th, 2020 Ryan Balke

Back in October, we made a number of enhancements to both Engagement Hub and Target, most notably the addition of Conversion Tools to Target.

We’ve talked a lot about the importance and impact of Conversion Tools since then, so let’s dig deeper into another big update that impacts your audience’s viewing experience in both Engagement Hub and Target.

The buying journey is long and complex, and requires a variety of different content and touchpoints. According to FocusVision, the buying process generally takes between 2-6 weeks, and involves 3-4 people on the buying team. Over this time, buyers consume an average of 13 pieces of content before reaching their decision.

Keeping your audience engaged on your platform has never been more important. That’s why we’ve given your audience a more consistent and immersive viewing experience across all content types. Like videos, your viewers can now access on-demand webinars and PDFs without leaving the Engagement Hub or Target page experiences. Plus, with ON24’s Engagement Hub and Target, chatbots like Drift can be integrated, enabling visitors to directly interact with your sales representatives and allowing them to easily continue their content journey.

Analytics can be easily found and viewed, thanks to ON24 Intelligence, providing valuable insights into which content performs best. 

Here are some additional details on the updates.

On-demand webinars and PDFs can now be opened in a landing page from Engagement Hub

Engagement Hub

On-demand webinars and PDFs can now be viewed on landing pages (when enabled) from the Engagement Hub. The streamlined viewing experience still includes all the great engagement tools that exist in all ON24 webinars. Audience members can also open up the on-demand webinar or PDF in a new tab if they choose.

Chatbots like Drift can be embedded, solving visitor queries and directing them to your team or relevant content. The addition of ON24 Intelligence also means that you have access to an array of analytics to inform your understanding of your audience’s interaction with your Engagement Hubs. 

On-demand webinars and PDFs can now be opened in a lightbox in Target


We’ve made a similar update for on-demand webinars and PDFs in Target. Rather than a landing page, this content now appears in a lightbox format (when enabled), keeping your audience connected to the experience you’ve curated for them.

Analytics are a great way to guide future initiatives on driving conversions, which is possible with ON24 Intelligence. 

How can I get this?

The new features are enabled automatically for new Engagement Hub and Target users. Existing customers can reach out to their CSM to turn this on for their accounts.