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Drive 2023 Success With This Year’s ON24 Platform Updates

December 1st, 2022

As we look ahead to the new year, marketers are preparing to become more agile than ever. With diminishing budgets and fewer resources, we’ll need to be ready to adapt our strategies to accommodate constant market shifts and outperform the competition.

Over the past year, the team at ON24 has announced several new features that will help you overcome these challenges in 2023 and core functionality to drive more engagement with the ON24 Platform.

In our December 2022 Product Innovation Webinar, “How to Drive More Engagement in 2023,” we will share four key areas to consider as you define your marketing strategy for 2023. We’ll touch upon each area below, but check out our webinar to get all the details.

Learn how ON24 can help you drive more engagement in 2023.

Analyze your marketing programs from 2022

Get better insights into your webinar attendees with ON24.

As you look across webinars, content hubs, landing pages and virtual events, you can use the insights from these experiences to optimize audience interactions and engagement in future programs.

This year, we’ve enhanced reports across the entire ON24 Platform. Whether you want to prove how effective your marketing efforts were, understand if you converted the right leads, or track the overall success of your programs, ON24 can give you the insights you need to reach your goals.

You can view new webinar reporting for ON24 Webcast Elite, ON24 Forums, ON24 Go Live and ON24 Engagement Hub to help you capture engagement insights across every experience you deliver and understand key performance trends to fine tune your strategy in 2023. These reports include average engagement, total leads, minutes viewed and much more.

Plan your attack in 2023

Two people looking at a laptop and making plans.

While you look to the new year, you’ll want to build customizable, scalable digital experiences that deliver engaging and ongoing customer journeys.

We have released several features that make it easier to drive consistency across every experience you deliver and create frictionless audience experiences.

The new ON24 Webcast Elite Admin UI makes creating webinar templates with consistent branding and design easier than ever. This can serve as a starting place when you’re planning a new webinar program, saving you time and enabling content sharing and reuse across your global teams.

You can easily select from new pre-configured layouts when planning your registration and lobby pages. This speeds up content creation and delivers a consistent experience across webinars.

There is more functionality than ever before for you to incorporate into your marketing programs. Get more details at the Product Innovation Webinar: How to Drive More Engagement in 2023.

Learn how ON24 can help you drive more engagement in 2023.

Create marketing programs to drive engagement

Drive engagement with ON24 solutions like ON24 Forums

Developing a plan is just one part of delivering a truly exceptional marketing program. To stand out from the competition, you’ll need to deliver personalized journeys and content for target audiences, at scale.

We have released several personalization features that you can turn on at the individual and account level to drive deeper levels of engagement.

Use your webinar and event consoles to drive specific outcomes with your audience by adding dynamic logos, new branding elements, customized CTAs, live polls and post-event surveys.

You can also personalize content hub categories for a specific persona and deliver personalized content recommendations based on the actions and interests of each visitor

Drive intelligent follow-up

Man on a phone call.

To round out your marketing strategy in 2023, you’ll want to consider how you can increase conversion with an action plan that ensures the right sales and marketing follow-up.

Over the past year, we have continued to release new ways for you to engage your audiences and signal to your sales teams that they’re ready for follow-up.

As your audience navigates each digital experience — from webinars to user conferences to content hubs — they can answer polls, ask questions, download recommended content and click on CTAs like a free trial.

All these actions can be tracked and used to inform your marketing and sales team’s personalized follow-up efforts. Instead of your sales team saying, “I saw you watched a webinar,” now they can see that an attendee asked a specific question or attended a specific session and use that information to inform a more meaningful and relevant discussion.

No matter what type of experience you create in 2023, you can develop and execute a marketing strategy that will drive engagement, generate first-party data, and deliver more revenue growth. And don’t forget to check out our Product Innovation webinar to hear all the details from our marketing experts.

Learn how ON24 can help you drive more engagement in 2023.