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Give your high-value audiences a high-touch experience

Go beyond a basic meeting with fully branded, interactive live events that drive meaningful discussion and immediate action.

Why use ON24 Forums?

Bring attendees together for two-way video networking and dialogue.

  • Expert-led trainings

    Easily deliver curriculum and moderate group discussions, increasing the reach and effectiveness of your certification programs.

  • Open enrollment

    Educate employee groups about benefits and services, driving awareness and immediate sign-ups.

  • Executive engagement

    Showcase your offerings with executive briefing centers and facilitate peer-to-peer networking, building executive relationships and sales opportunities.

  • Focus groups

    Convene user groups and customer advisory boards, getting instant feedback and efficient source of market research.

Bringing people together virtually should engage, not fatigue

Create live events that deliver professional presentations, deepen audience participation and accelerate conversion.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • Your events feel like one-off meetings, siloed from other marketing programs
  • Your audience is bored and distracted and doesn’t know where to focus their attention
  • Your presenters are frustrated with screen-share and chaotic conversations
  • Your sales team has no process or insights to use in their follow-up
  • Your events aren’t producing the results you need

The ON24 Forums solution:

  • Make every virtual event you run a consistent experience that is part of an integrated campaign
  • Keep your audience’s attention with custom branding and 25+ engagement and conversion tools and the ability to pin and spotlight presenters
  • Give your presenters a dedicated studio for hassle-free content delivery and moderation
  • Provide detailed analytics on attendee interactions and give sales a reason to reach out
  • Find the “hand-raisers” in your audience to encourage sign-ups directly within your event

Create human connections

Build personal relationships in the digital world through engaging two-way video, group networking and chat conversations.

Increase education and value

Immerse your audience in the discussion topic, provide hands-on demonstrations, organize curriculum and demonstrate your subject matter expertise with additional media, content and resources. Pin and spotlight speakers to bring focus to moderators and presenters.

Execute at global scale

Stop executing events as one-off tactics and invest in professional, templated experiences that can be standardized across the globe, made into an ongoing series and re-purposed as on-demand content.

Unlock first-person insights

Get a unified view of your audience’s behavior, interests and actions across every ON24 experience and integrate that data with your other business systems.

What does ON24 Forums include?

  • Registration pages & email communications

    Publish branded registration pages with custom form-fills, event information and speaker bios in just one click. Invite your guests and automate email communications, including event confirmations, reminders and follow-up.

  • Console builder & engagement tools

    Build, brand and publish your event experiences using our drag-and-drop design functionality. Choose from 25+ engagement and conversion tools, including polls, Q&A, surveys and certification that are a snap to configure.

  • Production studio

    Dedicated environment for presenters to  upload and share slides, gather pre-event, back-channel with producers play media clips, push polls and moderate audience participation.

  • Live video & chat

    Bring up to 50 attendees together for live video-to-video discussions, group and 1:1 chat. Facilitate audience participation and feedback with “raise hand” and “reactions” functionality.

  • Analytics & reporting

    Say good-bye to manual spreadsheets and anecdotal results. Track every action your audience takes in one simple-to-use report, share it with stakeholders and compare the engagement of your attendees, speakers and events to measure performance.

  • External integrations

    Seamlessly pass all attendee engagement data to your back-end business systems, including MAP, LMS, BI and CRM platforms, to further analyze your events and take action.

Store and share content

Upload, organize, manage and edit your content — whether it’s e-books, blogs, webinars and more — centralized and used in the ON24 platform. Easily publish and share content in always-on content hubs and personalized landing pages across the ON24 platform with ON24 Media Manager.

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