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Change How You Engage: Key Takeaways from The ON24 Experience 2024

June 12th, 2024 Michael Mayday

This year, the ON24 Experience was all about redefining how businesses can connect and engage with audiences on a personal level. This year’s conference was a treasure trove of new insights and new technology, from leveraging AI-powered tools to create personalized experiences at scale to sharing innovative strategies that change how you engage your audiences. 

The ON24 Experience 2024 - Social

Missed the event? Want a quick recap? No worries, we have you covered. Here are the key highlights and takeaways from the ON24 Experience 2024:

Setting the Stage for Transformation

Mark Bornstein

Mark Bornstein, VP of Marketing and Chief Webinar Officer at ON24, kicked off ON24X 2024 with a warm welcome and the conference theme: “Change How You Engage.” This year’s agenda was packed with sessions designed to inspire and equip marketing leaders across all industries to rethink and revolutionize their audience engagement strategies.

With the rise of AI and its integration into the ON24 Intelligent Engagement Platform, Bornstein promised a lineup that would not disappoint. From keynote addresses to breakout sessions, ON24X delivered on the promise of smarter, better effective and more effective engagement than ever before.

Sharat Sharan Shares His Vision For A New Era of Engagement

Sharat Sharan

Sharat Sharan, CEO and Co-Founder of ON24, then took the stage to both reflect on how far ON24 has come and how it has helped leading organizations across verticals — from tech to life sciences to financial services and more — to grow.

Then, Sharat shared his visionary roadmap of how digital marketers can change how they engage in an AI era. In particular, he highlighted five transformative steps: 

Set Clear Business Goals: It’s time to go beyond simply getting audiences to show up. Aim higher. Whether your objective is demand generation, professional certification or healthcare professional engagement, your engagement strategy should be aligned with clear, impactful business goals.

Leverage First-Party Data: With an objective in mind, you can then use your real superpower: data. With ON24, you can go beyond the superficial data points and dive deep into the first-party engagement metrics that inform strategic decisions and empower your team to deeply know an audience before you’ve ever met them.

Target-Specific Segments: With those first-party insights, you can do something truly unique: personalize at scale. We know personalization is no longer optional in marketing today — it’s a necessity. The ON24 Intelligent Engagement Platform, powered by its AI-powered Analytics and Content Engine, simplifies segmentation for you. Now, you can easily divide your audience into specific segments and tailor your interactions to meet the unique needs of each group, whether they are existing customers or new prospects.

Create a Portfolio of Experiences: As a marketer, you can achieve remarkable things with the combination of clear objectives, first-party data and segmentation. And you should. Move beyond the one-size-fits-all approach and use ON24 to develop a portfolio of experiences — from live and on-demand to simulive and more.

Utilize AI for your own Campaign-in-a-Box: With everything put together — objectives, first-party data, segmentation and a portfolio of experiences — you can use the AI-powered ACE to transform webinars and other content into integrated campaigns that keep audiences engaged long after the initial event ends. 

Sharat’s vision was clear: with AI, businesses can not only meet but exceed their engagement goals, driving real revenue impact.

ON24 Intelligent Engagement Platform: A Game Changer

Jayesh and Callan

After Sharat, Jayesh Sahasi, EVP of Products and CTO, and Callan Young, CMO, took the stage to introduce the latest innovations in the ON24 Intelligent Engagement Platform. This next-generation platform, launched in January, puts AI at the heart of its capabilities, promising to transform how businesses engage with their audiences.

Here’s what they had to share: 

Event Template Workflow: This new feature allows businesses to manage standardization, branding, and learnings at a global account level, significantly reducing the time spent setting up events while ensuring consistency across ON24-powered webinars, content hubs and landing pages. 

Modern Registration Builder: This reimagined registration experience integrates global brand settings with a streamlined, drag-and-drop design process, making it easier than ever to create engaging registration pages.

Text to Video Edits: Announced in January, the AI-powered Analytics and Content Engine helps you to quickly turn webinars into written content and videos. Now, with our Transcript Plus AI feature, you can quickly trim and edit videos by simply highlighting the text of the transcript in your Key Moments editor. 

Nurture Pages: One webinar can produce a lot of content. So, how can you ensure audiences can keep engaging with that content? With our new feature, Nurture Pages. Nurture Pages empowers you to package up your webinar content — from Key Moment videos to auto-generated summaries and blog posts — and deliver them to both attendees and no-shows. 

Segment Builder: Businesses can achieve the greatest uplift in outcomes by scaling personalization. That’s why our Segment Builder tool empowers you to craft highly personalized interactions across your engagement touchpoints. With Segment Builder, you can deliver personalized surveys, certifications and more across ON24 webinars content hubs and Nurture Pages, to your high-value accounts for a more bespoke experience. 

Smart Tips: Understanding and acting on data is crucial. That’s why we’re introducing a new Smart Tips feature on the analytics dashboard. With Smart Tips, businesses can identify optimization opportunities, like the best times to send reminders or how to increase poll responses, ensuring every engagement is maximized.

Measure Your ROI

But that’s not all. Now, ON24 users with a Salesforce integration can take advantage of a powerful new dashboard that empowers you to measure how much of your pipeline is influenced by ON24 engagement. With this dashboard, you now have a simple, easy way to prove your successes and measure your impact. 

The Future of Intelligent Engagement Is Here

The ON24 Experience 2024 showcased how the ON24 Intelligent Engagement Platform can revolutionize digital engagement. With AI-driven tools and strategies, businesses can achieve unprecedented levels of personalization, efficiency and impact. As Sharat emphasized, now is the time to embrace these innovations and change how we engage to drive greater, more efficient revenue growth. Together, let’s seize this opportunity to redefine our engagement strategies and lead our industries into a new era of intelligent engagement.

Are you ready to transform your engagement strategy with ON24? The future is here: intelligent, personalized and profoundly impactful. Let’s change how we engage!

The ON24 Experience 2024 - Social