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New at ON24: Dynamic & Personalized Content, Whiteboarding & Robust Buying Signal Reporting

April 23rd, 2021

At ON24, we’re constantly developing new features and enhancements purpose-built to help marketers drive more engagement and more conversion. As a part of that effort, we’re excited to share that the ON24 AI-recommendation engine now enables you to create personalized content journeys.

With the ON24 AI-recommendation engine, you can take advantage of even more insights and analytics to connect with your audience and keep them engaged. We’ve also introduced a few other new features, such as new presenter features, live captioning support and more in-depth buying signal analytics.

Here’s what you can expect:

AI-powered Dynamic and Personalized Content

The Take Action tool can now be configured to return attendees to a recommended webinar, delivering a personalized content journey for each individual.

The ON24 AI-engine analyzes attendee engagement data, from webinar and content views to resources downloaded and questions asked to come up with a list of topics the attendee may be interested in.

From there, the engine recommends a relevant webinar. By presenting each attendee with a webinar that more closely matches their interests, attendees are more likely to continue their buying or content consumption journey.

New Features for Stress-Free Presenting

We’ve added more tools to ensure presenting on live webinars is stress-free! Presenters using Elite Studio, the new presentation tool for live webinars, are able to draw attention to aspects on the slides using pen and pointer tools.

Note: These whiteboarding tools will be rolled out in phases to accounts over the next six weeks. 

Presenting live is also a lot easier. We’ve added a new webcam connection panel with a signal strength meter, mic volume level, real-time video monitor of all presenters and troubleshooting tips for connecting your webcam.

The new connection panel not only provides assurance to presenters but also makes presenting and producing stress-free by having one control center.

Expanded Support for Live Captions

In March 2021, ON24 launched the ability to add auto-generated captions in English to live webinars. Now, we have expanded live captioning support to include Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German and Dutch.

Additionally, live captions are now supported on mobile devices, like phones and tablets, so attendees can engage with webinars no matter where they are.

Robust Buying Signal Reporting

We have expanded your buying signal analytics capabilities so you can easily capture and report on your audience members’ buying interest throughout their content journeys.

Buying signals are now included in the Prospect Engagement Profile so you and sales teams can track your audience buying readiness over time.

…and More!

And there are so many more enhancements! Be sure to join us for The ON24 Experience to not only learn about other exciting enhancements but also learn from experts to get best practices for connecting with audiences.