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Feature Friday: Tools For a Better Registration Experience

January 6th, 2022 ON24

Capturing form fills and obtaining details about your audience is important, but lengthy and redundant registration experiences can hurt the customer experience and act as a major barrier to content consumption. Repeatedly filling out multiple registration forms with the same information is frustrating for any audience trying to connect with your business and its message.

Registration experiences should be seamless, painless and ensure your audience can easily access your content without repetitious and complicated processes.

That’s why we’re continuing to refine our capabilities across the ON24 Platform to help you create a seamless registration experience that removes barriers and creates opportunities for ongoing content consumption.

New: One-Click Registration

First, we recently introduced a new feature, called one-click registration, that connects ON24 Webcast Elite and ON24 Engagement Hub With this feature, ON24 users can deliver an easy and seamless registration experience by empowering audience members to register once for all upcoming or on-demand webinars.

After registering for their first webinar, each audience member will see a personalized message (e.g., “Hi Ryan”) for all subsequent webinars and only need to click once to register moving forward. With one-click registration, make it easier for your audience members to consume more content while increasing attendance rates and engagement for all your events.

One-click registration is easily enabled on the event level through a single toggle button.

Removing Barriers to Content Consumption

When targeting specific personas or accounts, creating a personalized experience means not having to ask the prospect or customer for their information again and again. You already know who they are. With ON24 Target’s seamless registration capabilities, ON24 users can easily pre-register audience members so they don’t have to enter their personal details each time you reach out with customized or personalized content. What’s more, managing registration to create a seamless experience doesn’t mean the loss of important engagement data, the ON24 Platform continues to gather engagement details at the account and individual level.

After setup, simply use the updated URL when promoting your content experience to your targeted personas and accounts (check out how to set up customer hyperlinks with Outreach). Your target audience members will not only receive a personal email but also easily access the content experience you’ve created for them. Remove the barrier to content consumption and reap the benefits of actionable engagement data.

If you’d like to learn more about how the ON24 Platform powers seamless registration experiences, please contact us. If you’re already engaging audiences with the ON24 Platform, learn more in the Knowledge Center.