Webinars that Rocked 2018

Speaker: Mark Bornstein, Chief Webinerd and VP of Content Marketing, ON24

Webinars are the best way to generate leads and engage with your prospects and customers. However, for most of us, webinars are still simply talking PowerPoint presentations. Isn’t it time your webinars truly rocked?

Attend “Webinars That Rocked, 2018” and see great examples of webinars that raised the bar in 2018. This is your chance to see what is possible in webinar marketing. In this session you will experience:

  • Webinar examples from some of today’s leading brands
  • New webinar formats
  • Ideas for engaging audience experiences
  • How video has transformed webinars

You can even vote for the webinar of the year.

This is always the most popular edition of the ON24 Webinar Best Practices Series, attracting thousands of viewers each year. Watch today and learn how to turn your webinars into rockstars.