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The What, Why and How of Engagement for Increased Marketing Pipeline

April 5th, 2021 Tessa Barron

Engagement is one of those words that marketers often talk about. But if we’re put on the spot to define it, many of us can feel stumped.

When we’re at a management meeting trying to explain our numbers and the problems with our pipeline, it doesn’t do us any favors when we can’t explain what we mean by “engagement”.

It’s also too easy to kid ourselves by using vanity metrics to show how “engaged” our target audience is. This might get some breathing room in the short term.

This blog post is the second in our Fix My Funnel program. Join us for a series of webinars, workshops and exclusive one-on-one sessions with today’s leading B2B marketers, as well as being able to download playbooks, best practice guides and more!

But here’s the reality: the longer we go without bringing measurable revenue to the table, the higher the chance that HR will suggest we “explore other opportunities” or put a pink slip in our hands.

Fortunately, the ON24 team and other leading marketers are here to help with the Fix My Funnel program.

What we’re covering in this fix

Even if we have trouble in explaining engagement, all B2B marketers know that it’s important.

We know buyers need multiple touches before being sales-ready. We know the buying cycle is long and engagement helps keep our brand front of mind. We also know that the data we capture through engagement helps us to surface buying signals, allowing us to qualify leads and provide a better buyer experience.

But before we fix our funnel, we need to answer some key questions. What do we really mean by engagement at our own organization? How does engagement different across the buyer’s journey? And how do we drive engagement in a way that gets our buyers to the end of the funnel?

To answer these questions, on April 8th I’ll be joining experts from NetLine, Ceros and Conversica to figure out the what, why and how of engagement for increased marketing pipeline.

On this session, you’ll hear from:

    • Tessa Barron, VP of Marketing, ON24 (me)
    • David Fortino, Chief Strategy Officer, NetLine
    • Zarina Stanik, Director of Events, Ceros
    • Amanda DePaul, Senior Director of Demand Gen, Conversica

If you haven’t yet done so, make sure to register today for Fix My Funnel so you can ask your questions live.

What else can we get right now?

Fix My Funnel is all about being able to take actionable steps to diagnose, repair and optimize your B2B marketing efforts.

To help you do this for this, you’ll be able to access a curated selection of guides, reports and on-demand webinars all in one place, including:

    • ‘The Guide to Creating Engaging Virtual Event Experiences’ by Ceros
    • ‘Bridging the Sales and Marketing Divide: Key Insights to Drive Engagement’ by Conversica
    • NetLine’s Annual Content Consumption Report
    • ‘How to Use ON24 Engagement and Data for Marketo Campaigns’ by ON24 and Workfront

We’ll also be producing checklists and summaries along the way, together with a wrap-up ebook at the end of the series.

Sounds great! So what’s next?

If you haven’t yet signed up to Fix My Funnel, what are you waiting for?! Sign up today to get your funnel fixed and maximize your marketing.

Plus, to give you a breather from the hard work, our next fix will aim to inspire you with a fireside chat from a tech CMO who has increased revenues by hundreds of millions of dollars in the space of a few years.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the program. We look forward to seeing you there!