Funnel Foundations: How to Put Buyer Intelligence and Data To Work For High-Performance Pipeline

Amberā Cruz, Marketing Americas Director at Meltwater
Stephanie Swinyer, Head of Revenue Marketing at Integrate
Kate Athmer, Head of Growth Marketing at Bombora

When marketers are in the weeds, it can be easy to forget about the foundations of a well-functioning funnel — namely, who your buyers are and what they want right now. Fortunately, data from digital channels can help you become reacquainted.​

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to become a data detective from top B2B Marketing experts at Meltwater, Integrate, Bombora. Join us to ask your questions as we explore:

  • How buyer intelligence can help you uncover new buyers and what they want.
  • Using data to personalize your messaging based on buyer intent.
  • The research and detective work to orchestrate and accelerate buyer journeys.

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