Operationalizing Engagement: The What, Why and How of Engagement for Increased Marketing Pipeline

Tessa Barron, VP of Marketing, ON24 
David Fortino, Chief Strategy Officer, NetLine
Zarina Stanik, Director of Events, Ceros
Amanda DePaul, Senior Director of Demand Gen, Conversica

As marketers, we frequently talk about driving engagement with our buyers. But when every digital touchpoint can be measured, there’s a risk that we chase metrics that look great but do nothing to stop a leaky funnel. So with this in mind, what do we really mean by engagement? How does it apply across the buyer’s journey? And how do we drive engagement in a way that gets our buyers to the end of the funnel?

To get the answers, join experts from ON24, NetLine, Ceros and Conversica to explore how you should be thinking about engagement and the strategies that will help you fix your funnel.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How B2B marketers should be defining engagement (hint: it’s not one-way).
  • The content types and experiences that work best.
  • Why engagement and interaction make leads more receptive to sales.
  • How to operationalize engagement to increase conversion and speed up the buyer journey.

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