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​Meet ON24: Alexis Harrison, Senior Director, GCX Practices and Enablement

May 6th, 2024 ON24

Meet Alexis Harrison — Senior Director, GCX Practices and Enablement. Read on to learn more about Alexis’ experience at ON24, some of her favorite memories and projects in her current role, and the most adventurous thing she’s ever done!

Alexis Harrison Photo

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What is your position and what team are you a part of at ON24?  

I am Senior Director of Practices and Enablement for our Global Customer Experience organization – the larger division formed by the Customer Success, Customer Education, Customer Solutions, Platform Support and Services teams.

What inspired you to join ON24?

When I was a couple of years into my career, the media company I worked for at the time asked me to spearhead development of their eLearning business unit. I was this company’s Director of eLearning for a decade and in this role, I was an ON24 customer (we ran webinars and virtual shows). When I decided to look for a new position, the ON24 Customer Success team was hiring and it felt like the perfect opportunity to join a company I was familiar with, enjoyed the team, and believed in the product.

How long have you been at ON24?

Six years this month (April)!

Can you share a memorable experience you’ve had while working at ON24? 

One of my most memorable experiences was attending Elevate (RKO) the summer of 2018. As my position was/is remote, it was an amazing opportunity to meet/learn with my CS and sales colleagues in person, especially being only a few months into the job. It was so special to be able to put faces to names and really strengthened the relationships I had already started to build. I believe the experience greatly contributed to my early growth in the CSM role.

How does ON24 foster professional growth and development? 

I’ve seen countless examples of ON24 employees on strong growth and development paths who were fostered and supported to explore areas of strength and/or interest. Personally, this is my fourth role since I joined ON24. I started as a CSM and every new position along the way was encouraged by leadership.

What are some of your favorite workplace traditions or team-building activities?

I know they can be cheesy and sometimes uncomfortable, but I love a good icebreaker exercise – especially when they are a little more personal (as opposed to work-related). Whether it’s with a new team or a team I’ve worked with for years, I always learn something new about my co-workers, and love getting that glimpse into their lives outside of the office.

What do you see as the future direction or growth opportunities for ON24?

It’s very exciting to see how ON24 is embracing and integrating AI into the platform. There is so much opportunity to continue to make an already robust engagement platform even more so. And it’s very fun to be a part of the team that gets to help customers embrace all the new functionality!

What advice would you give to new employees joining ON24? 

The people that work at ON24 are amazing. When you start, we will all say, “Reach out if you need anything or have any questions!” and we genuinely mean it. My advice is to find someone you connect with and ask them to be a mentor so you have an established touchpoint besides your manager who you can go to with questions!

If you could switch roles with anyone else in the company, who would it be and why?

I don’t know that I would! I feel like I’ve been able to wear so many hats since I started here, and I truly love the role I’m currently in.

If you could learn any new skill or hobby overnight, what would it be?

I’d love to able to speak a second language. I’d probably pick Italian. 

What’s your favorite book or movie of all time?

Honestly, I don’t think I can pick a favorite book. If I had to pick a movie, I’m thinking about something I could watch over and over and never get tired of… There’s a romantic comedy from 2000 that I love called Return to Me with Minnie Driver, David Duchovny and Carol O’Connor. It’s just so charming. It’ll make you cry, laugh, and hug your people a little tighter. And Almost Famous. (I can’t pick just one!!) 

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want to have with you?

Oh goodness. My left brain is saying a fire starter, a sleeping bag, and a pair of sturdy boots, haha. My right brain wants a sketchbook and a set of markers, and some magical perpetually powered way to access/play my music library.

If you could travel back in time to any period, which era would you choose and why?

 Oooh, the 1960s and 70s. To see some of my favorite bands (especially The Beatles) live!

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

Bungee jumping in New Zealand!

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