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How SAP Generated $14 Million in ROI with the ON24 platform

April 2nd, 2021 Samira McDonald

Global cloud company SAP wanted to drive customer engagement in the federal, aerospace and defense, and state, local and education (SLED) sectors. To help in its digital efforts, the company launched its SAP Poolside: “Dive into Data” Summertime Enablement Series.

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Dynamic digital experiences build customer relationships

SAP used  ON24 Webcast Elite to run five webinars across these three verticals with a fresh look and feel. The company also created a fully branded promotional video for the series, which lived on its ON24 registration page. This short, digestible “sneak peek” video message increased the SAP’s conversion rate substantially, up to 86%.

The company used fun summertime vernacular to keep the weighty subject of data analytics light and lively. SAP also used customer stories to illustrate how others had successfully implemented its solutions, supporting the company’s overall business objectives of generating and retaining revenue.

During the digital experiences, the authentic banter between the speakers kept attendees engaged and drove many to sign up for additional sessions in the ON24 Engagement Hub resource center, where SAP had posted relevant information for its audience to explore further.

Repurposing content drives engagement

Throughout the entire series, SAP took full advantage of the ON24 platform. The company employed polls to generate engagement and purposefully chapter-ized the series’ content into “snackable” items. This snackable content included podcasts and webinar content that was amplified on social media to drive additional post-event interactions. SAP’s inside and outside sales teams also used the content to engage customers and prospects.

Rich data insights and digital experience ROI

After each digital experience ended, SAP encouraged attendees to complete its survey regarding “Start, Stop, Continue” practices.

“Start” refers to elements of the series that could be improved, while “Stop” covers what should be eliminated entirely and “Continue” highlights aspects that worked exceptionally well.

SAP used the ON24 platform’s tagging capabilities to slice and dice the post-event survey data in meaningful ways. These data insights enabled the company to better understand its existing customers, optimize future content and discover its next brand advocates.

In addition, SAP’s post-event emails promoted the on-demand versions of the digital experiences and the ON24 Engagement Hub to its customers (including both attendees and no-shows), which made SAP Poolside: “Dive into Data” Summertime Enablement Series the gift that keeps on giving.

To date, the digital experience series has generated $14 million in return on investment (and counting).

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