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How Insurance Marketers Can Advance Digital Engagement

February 28th, 2024 Gabriella Kose

Digital engagement has transformed how businesses connect with audiences. Consequently, customers across industries today demand seamless, personalized experiences — and marketers are racing to keep up. For B2B digital marketers in the insurance industry, that means quickly achieving expert-level digital marketing maturity.

For UnitedHealthcare Federal Programs, a leading health coverage provider to diverse public sector groups nationwide, this rapid digital transformation — particularly streamlining enrollment via digital channels — was simplified thanks in part to its use of the ON24 Intelligent Engagement Platform.
Let’s take a close look at how the provider did it:

Optimizing Enrollment at UnitedHealthcare Federal Programs

UnitedHealthcare Screenshot

UnitedHealthcare Federal Programs serves many public sector groups across the United States, including government, labor and education sectors. But, because of the limitations of its previous marketing technology platform, the organization had significant challenges.

Security concerns, software glitches and limited data availability hampered its efforts to engage with its target audience, primarily federal agencies effectively. To overcome these challenges, UnitedHealthcare decided to refresh its strategy with digital engagement as the centerpiece. With ON24, the company:

Transitioned to virtual events – UnitedHealthcare transitioned from traditional in-person meetings to virtual events, like webinars, to enhance operational efficiency. This strategic shift not only saved time and resources but also empowered the organization to reach a broader audience while maintaining meaningful connections with stakeholders.

Enhanced Audience Engagement Recognizing the importance of audience interactivity, UnitedHealthcare implemented various engagement tools within the ON24 webinar platform. Features such as live chat, interactive polls, surveys, and topic selection empowered participants to participate actively in discussions and provide valuable feedback.

Brand Consistency – Leveraging customizable email templates and console branding within its virtual events platform, UnitedHealthcare ensured its brand identity remained consistent across all communication channels. This cohesive branding approach helped reinforce brand recognition and credibility among participants.

UnitedHealthcare saw tremendous success after implementing its renewed digital strategy. With its renewed approach, it saw: 

    • 75% increase in webinar attendance rates compared to previous years
    • 3,000+ new leads through its virtual events and webinar initiatives
    • 2,000 hours of engagement duration with 2,000+ unique attendees 
    • Streamlined lead management, ensuring seamless tracking and follow-up through ON24 integrations with its CRM platform

Insurance Digital Marketing Maturity: A Comprehensive Outlook

Female looking at laptop

UnitedHealthcare Federal Programs’ new digital engagement program was not a walk in the park, but once the key strategies were in place, the program ran itself.  This is in large part thanks to its four-step approach to success: 

Be Customer-Centric By leveraging digital channels to engage customers meaningfully, UnitedHealthcare could forge stronger relationships and foster long-term loyalty. 

Integrate Technologies – UnitedHealthcare invested in robust technology infrastructure to support its digital initiatives and ensure seamless data integration across multiple touchpoints.

Use Data-Driven Insights –  By harnessing actionable insights derived from digital interactions, UnitedHealthcare optimized its digital marketing efforts, identified emerging trends and drove continuous improvement.

Keep Your Brand Consistent – Maintaining brand consistency across digital channels was key for UnitedHealthcare, helping it build trust and credibility with its target audience. 

UnitedHealthcare Federal Programs’ efforts to optimize enrollment processes through digital engagement demonstrate what an expert digital marketing maturity can do in the insurance industry. By embracing innovative strategies, leveraging cutting-edge technology and prioritizing customer-centricity, insurers can navigate the industry with a future-proof program that will drive sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive market.