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Feature Friday: Getting More Out Of Live Content With ON24 Engagement Hub

March 18th, 2022

When you think of ON24 Engagement Hub, the first thing you might think of is on-demand content hubs. But Engagement Hub is so much more!

Last year, we revealed our evolution of Engagement Hub, allowing Engagement Hub users to host both on-demand and live content. This way, practitioners can ensure all their best webinars, videos and on-demand content are available in a central, easy-to-use and access destination.

Live content is a great way to take your hubs to the next level. How? We’ve identified a few use cases for using live content in your Engagement Hub. Let’s take a look at them now.

Product Marketing

Are you trying to build excitement around a brand-new product or feature? Engagement Hubs are a great way to educate potential buyers by combining your live launch event with all the supplemental material they crave.

Combine that live panel of subject matter experts with on-demand material like FAQs and hype videos to take your launches to the next level.

Best of all, Engagement Hubs (and ON24 Target pages!) can be embedded directly into your corporate website as ongoing content portals, or hosted as a standalone page for customer-facing product pages.

Demand Generation

For demand marketers, it’s all about seamless engagement and getting prospects into as many experiences as possible.

Live content in the Engagement Hub allows you to send prospects to your best collection of live and on-demand content, all on one page. No more hoping they’ll hop from one experience to the next.

Empower buyers with as much information as possible by removing the dead ends that keep them from consuming your best content.

For more on live content in the Engagement Hub, check out our Product Innovation Webinar.

Customer Engagement

With Engagement Hub, you can go beyond the webinar and create more robust plans by combining your best live and on-demand content to turn customers into advocates.

This new combined functionality is also a great way to share your customers’ stories, whether through a live customer networking session or on-demand testimonials about your product or service.

Discover how you can get more out of your content with Engagement Hub. Click here to book a demo.