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Four Examples of Certification and Educational Webinars That Drive Results

March 18th, 2024 Lauren Teneriello

KnowBe4 brings in new business


KnowBe4, the global software technology company intent on conquering human error, was determined to bring awareness to how AI can help companies navigate email security threats. As a result of the company’s engaging webinar, they saw almost 2,000 registrants and over 900 attendants from three separate webinar airings across various time zones. 

Using the ON24 Intelligent Engagement Platform and its webinar and content hub capabilities the KnowBe4 team could easily connect and interact with its target audiences either live or on-demand. The team also used features such as automatically issuing certifications after certain criteria are met and featured resources to drive viewers to other content in their content hub. 

A clean, well-organized console was the name of the game for KnowBe4. Since AI and phishing are top of mind for both security professionals and consumers worried about cybersecurity, “Request a PhishER Demo and PhishER Quote” were two webinar-based CTAs on the bottom of the console. The company has seen more than $346,000 in new business opportunities since the webinar first aired in late 2023. 

Capabilities used:

  • Webinars
  • Content Hubs
  • Certifications 
  • Resource lists

NASFAA plays Jeopardy 


NASFAA, the nonprofit association with a focus on professional development, wanted to help financial aid professionals take a deeper dive into topics such as aid program eligibility and application processing. To help viewers learn in an engaging way, NASFAA turned its webinar into a classic game of “Jeopardy!” 

Guest contestants were located throughout the United States; the game included both the original theme song and a round of Double Jeopardy! for the speakers to answer. Audience members weren’t left behind: viewers could type answers into the event’s live chat feature to participate. 

NASFAA’s webinar goals included at least a 95% satisfaction rating on survey questions following the webinar.

With ON24, NASFAA exceeded it target: 99.4% of viewers rated the effectiveness of the presenter as “excellent” or “good” in the webinar format (with Jeopardy being one of the main reasons for the high rating). 100% answered “yes” when asked if they found the webinar useful, and 100% answered “yes” to recommending future NASFAA webinars to colleagues. 

The most important takeaway was that having fun with your audience is a great way to make the webinar experience memorable. Attendants felt less like they were watching another regular webinar, and more that they were at home with their favorite Jeopardy episode. 

Capabilities used:

  • Webinars
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Resource Lists
  • Certification 
  • Live Chat

Wood PLC engages with viewers

Wood PLC

Wood PLC, one of the leading consulting and engineering firms in the energy and materials sector, sought to share some common solutions to vibration problems affecting the safety and accuracy of piping systems used within its industry. 

To ensure understanding about this complex topic, Wood used interactive webinar features that empowered attendees to chat with speakers and ask them questions while also being able to test their own fundamental knowledge about vibration issues. The team’s simu-live webinar included polls, event page and automatic certificate creation with completion conditions. 

Viewers could also book a call with a specialist via the console’s CTA. The console was customizable so that once viewers answered polls, tests and got their certification, they could close out the engagement features and focus on the webinar’s speakers and slides.

Wood PLC’s engagement efforts paid off: they experienced 1,500 attendees across multiple sessions in different time zones and received dozens of leads. The team saw significant time and effort saved by using ON24 features compared to previous webinar solutions. 

Capabilities used:

  • Related content 
  • Webinar CTA
  • Q&A 
  • Testing and Certification 

PowerSchool breaks registration records


PowerSchool seeks to help educators, administrators and families empower children to learn effectively. As a part of its mission, the K-12 software provider hosts webinars designed to spur discussion around the challenges and potential solutions facing schools today, like chronic absenteeism. To get school administrators and teachers involved, they used ON24 capabilities including the console builder, broadcast-quality live streaming, social tools and additional polls and Q&A functions.

The audience took full advantage of these engagement initiatives, and PowerSchool counted more than: 

  • 400 poll responses
  • 175 CTA clicks 
  • 300 related content downloads
  • Countless questions from the audience 

The result? The team broke its highest registration rate ever with more than 1,800 registrants. Between live and on-demand viewing, PowerSchool had 900 people attend its event

Capabilities used:

  • Webinars
  • Console builder
  • Resource list
  • Webinar CTAs
  • Attendee chat