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New at ON24: Better Mobile, Certification and Advanced Analytics Free Trial

January 10th, 2020 Stephanie Dang

It’s 2020, and we’re excited to start the new year (and decade) off with some significant enhancements that’ll deliver better experiences for both users and audiences. Here are a few highlights from the latest product release:

Customize Registration and Lobby Page Designs

Customize your registration and lobby pages with backgrounds and interactive speaker bios. When utilizing the new carousel registration layout, users can choose one of 10 customizable patterns to apply to the background of registration and lobby pages. Additionally, when an audience member hovers over the speaker image on the registration page, the bio text will now overlay over the image, providing more information.

ON24 Continues to Develop the Most Robust Certification Tools

Whether your audience needs credits to meet regulatory requirements for certification, wants to improve skills through training or are expanding their range of competency and knowledge, ON24 continues to develop functionality that will ensure your certification programs are robust and scalable. For those that provide training or continuing education, or who leverage certification to drive demand, you can now leverage more flexibility and deliver more detail with your certification tools.

We’ve updated the customization capabilities of certificates generated from the ON24 platform. The date shown represents the date the certificate was earned so audiences can download at any time and the date will remain consistent — creating an easier and intuitive experience for audiences. Users can also include custom registration fields, including title, region or company, to certificates to detail all the information needed for respective audiences.

Drive More Webinar Engagement for Mobile Viewers

Everyone is always on-the-go these days. Audiences are increasingly watching webinars or consuming content on their mobile phones. To help you connect and engage with these audiences, we’ve added more functionality to the ON24 audience mobile console experience. Audiences can now view Simulive webinars on the new mobile console, as well as engage with the newly-supported CTA, Group Chat and Survey engagement tools. They can also view and answer polls as pop-ups, read captions and more.

Utilize Advanced Analytics with a Free Trial

See the power that actionable and flexible data can have in optimizing programs, making your engagement more robust and impacting sales. Current ON24 customers now have the opportunity to access a free 30-day trial of Advanced Analytics. The program provides access to some of ON24’s most powerful data and reporting, including:

  • Prospect Engagement Profiles: Examining each lead in-depth, including engagement, content journey and interaction details.
  • Account Engagement Report: Aggregating all engagement at the account level.
  • Account Engagement Profiles: Analyzing all engagement and interaction at a single-account level.
  • Funnel Analytics: Tracking every lead as they advance down the sales funnel.
  • Polls and Surveys Report: An aggregated view of poll and/or survey questions across all events.

Leverage All Your Engagement and Content Performance Data Insights

The ON24 API has been enhanced so users can efficiently turn engagement data into action. We’ve added and enhanced endpoints so you can leverage more data, such as:

  • Total views, unique viewers, total viewing duration, average viewing duration, downloads, likes, dislikes, comments and shares on content hosted in ON24 Engagement Hubs.
  • The specific date and time poll and survey responses were submitted, as well as resources last viewed.
  • … and a ton more!

There’s more to come! We’ll introduce exciting new features and functionality throughout 2020, so check back to see what else we’re cooking up.